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Spiritual messages and Covid-19

I want to share an important message.

Ninety-nine percent of spiritual channeling on the internet are fake, a supposed organizations like "COBRA" resistance movement and Alliance of sphere beings among so many others are negative draconian entities pretending to be beings of light.

Many spiritual pseudoguru channelings merely wish protagonism, if they really channeled true messages they would have warned all of us about a worldwide pandemic and they didn't, why?
Couldn’t positive extraterrestrial entities warn us not to intervene in our collective karma?

Please start filtering the information you read, ninety-nine percent of blogs and spiritual sites are bystanders who have little understanding of these subjects.

It takes many years of spiritual study and practice, maintaining a clean and dedicated consciousness so that the higher mind (the higher self) maintains a constant connection with the divine and the flow of spiritual information is continuous.

I have been writing and practicing spirituality for twenty-two years, I have published books, some are on amazon.com, I have some notion of what I speak.

True superior extradimensional entities, who communicate spiritually with us and transmit messages, rarely divulge names, do not want to be deified, do not wish to be protagonists, do not wish to instill fear in our mind, so filter the "garbage" you are reading online.
Names are vibrations, when an entity claims to be "Kryon" or "Ashtar sheran" or any other name this is just a vibration to phonetically approximate a name that we humans can recognize, it is not the real name of the entity itself, some they are simple egregores created by the supposed channeling gurus.

What is the inner sensation/ vibration that the word "COBRA" makes you feel?
A cobra is a snake, a word with a negative vibration associated with spiritual messages, which entities are hiding under this code name?

I can tell you that I often receive insights, information flashes and channel messages.
Covid-19 (coronavirus disease) was artificially created, whoever says the opposite (be it an entity or messages channeled on spiritual sites) is lying.
This virus was created artificially by the obscure elite for the purpose of population control and to lower the vibration of the collective unconscious and of this MATRIX, to stay in the "game" and delay the rise.

This is all a game.
Stay safe, protect yourself and yours.

Say prayers, send energy mentally (visualization) wishing to protect all your friends, family, children, spouses, whoever practices Reiki please send energy for free to everyone.
Meditate, raise your vibrations.

Quarantine also means, in this phase, recollection, introspection, turn inward, find your inner self.
Many of those who are disincarnating due to covid-19 (not wanting to generalize, obviously) have now had their karmic moment to leave, spiritual guides of these souls are receiving and supporting them.

There is a war of polarities on this plane (entities of negative polarity and others of positive entity), we are pawns in this game, some negative entities are nourishing themselves with the negative energy of this pandemic moment, collective fear, thousands of deaths, in short.

But, on the other hand, positive entities are also receiving the souls of those who discarnate, guiding and protecting them on other existential realms.
There are many deeper things going on behind the veil, unfortunately almost no website or spiritual channel reveals this to you.

Next year, 2021, believe me, the situation will repeat.

Stay strong, we are light warriors in this curious times, send healing energy to all your acquaintances, friends, family, partners, we will help to balance the energies.

Sílvio Guerrinha



The Mandela Effect -Movie

I recommend watching the movie "The Mandela Effect" (from 2019) very interesting, it combines several conspiracy theories, quantum physics and Simulation theory, Mandela effect, parallel realities.
Search google sites to download, or torrents like Rarbg.


UFO series and Movies

In this article I share the name of some series and films about UFOs, however I divulge only those films that approach Ufology with some seriousness. I've had enough of series like "X-Files" that sometimes rub the idiocy with stories of monsters and lizardmen, or movies like "Alien" that like others only show horrible monsters wanting to destroy humanity after some American hero explodes the UFO with a nuclear bomb.
So, let's focus on educational series and films ok?


Taken: From 2002
Miniseries on Government conspiracies and UFOs, aired in 2002 on the SyFy channel, won the Emmy award for best miniseries, was produced by Steven Spielberg.

Not to be confused with the 2017 "Taken" police series.

"Project Blue Book". 2019
Obviously like any series, it has to have a bit of fiction, but this excellent series from NBC addresses UFO cases that really happened, and with some seriousness, in addition the name Project Blue Book was the real name of a Ufo research and cover-up program by the USAF (United States Air Force).
This series will have a second season.

Success has been guaranteed and NBC is said to be preparing another UFO series, entitled "Debris".

1993: "Fire in the Sky".
Based on the true story of a UFO incident. Based on the book The Walton Experience, written by Travis Walton, the film tells the true story of Travis Walton's abduction.

In 1975, in Arizona, a woodcutter is hit by a mysterious light and, before some friends, was abducted and remains missing for several days. When he reappears, he doesn't remember where he was, but little by little the memories of the experience come to the surface.

1998: "Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County".
A film considered category B, of low budget, but sometimes this type of films surprises with a very good story.

The film made by Dean Alioto was made for TV (and not intended for cinemas), in the style of Blair Witch the film shocks because it looks so real, some believe that the filming is real and the director tried to create a film with them. In the cabin of a missing family, a policeman finds an amateur video tape that shows the moments of terror experienced by the family. One of the boys, who wants to be a film director, always carries his camera with him and, when a power failure occurs, the brothers go to investigate and end up with aliens who had just landed.

2004: "The Forgotten".
Despite a lot of fiction, the film has interesting points, for example the energetic emotional connection of mothers to children who were taken by extraterrestrials, even if they are no longer here on Earth, a connection that extraterrestrials could not understand. It also shows how the Government deals with the cover up of extraterrestrial abduction cases, it cannot prevent or overcome the extraterrestrials, only cooperate and cover up.

In the story Telly Paretta, a mother who suddenly discovers that her eight-year-old son has disappeared completely. Nobody remembers the boy's existence, not even her husband. But when she finds out that the father of one of her son's friends has gone through the same experience, Telly embarks on a mission to find her son at any cost.

2009: "Fourth Kind".
It refers to immediate encounters of the fourth degree.
Produced by Olatunde Osunsanmi. In my opinion one of the most intelligent films on the UFO theme.

It has very realistic scenes, in one of the scenes that the man levitates in the bed possessed, intelligently associate the phenomena that we understand as paranormal to the UFO phenomena (they may be related) and when he channels a message with the voice of the extraterrestrials they seem to imply which are the Anunnaki that the Sumerians referred to as gods. Another interesting detail; in Alaska there is, in fact, a lot of UFO cases.

2014: "Alien Abduction".

Another "amateur" style film directed by Matty Beckerman. A family on vacation is lost and the patriarch disappears. The mother and children seek refuge in a hut and discover that the place is known for numerous cases of alien abduction. When seeking help, mysterious beings try to capture them.

2014: "Extraterrestrial".

I liked this film made by Colin Minihan, despite having a lot of fiction (scene inside the UFO etc.), it reveals the dangers of extraterrestrial abduction and how the Army deals with witnesses. There is also an interesting scene that shows the extraterrestrial mentally influencing one of the policeman. April went with a group of friends to a cabin in the forest, then a UFO crashed and when extraterrestrials appear (on another ship) abduct them.

2015: "Area 51".

Another amateur-style film, directed by Oren Peli, a group of young people (Chris, Rob, Natalie and Paul) are trying to sneak into the famous Area 51. Despite some critics on the internet (who write negative reviews without even reasoning), the film has a very interesting technical detail when one of the young people enters a UFO. I will not reveal so as not to spoil anyone who wishes to see the film, but this technical detail is based on real descriptions such as details revealed by Robert Lazar (a Physicist who worked in Area 51).

2015: "The Phoenix Incident".

Another amateur-style film, made by Keith Arem, but is based on reports of real UFO sightings in Phoenix (Phoenix Lights, Arizona), obviously has fiction: interesting UFO scenes taking down B2 bombers, but at the beginning of the film they show some real UFO video clips (one of them filmed by Air Force pilots).

2017: "Phoenix Forgotten".
Another film based on the UFO sightings in Phoenix. Produced by Justin Barber, with a budget of 3 million.

Twenty years after three teenagers disappeared following mysterious lights in Arizona, images never seen before that night are discovered, reporting the last hours of that fateful expedition. The film has interesting scenes of strange lights and abductions.

2017: "The Gracefield Incident".

Produced by Mathieu Ratthe. Another amateur "found footage" style film. The film was more than three years to be released, due to lack of budget. Three couples went to spend a weekend in a forest house in Gracefield, it seems that a small meteorite fell, then a strange being begins to kidnap them all.

Sílvio Guerrinha


UFO'S: Solid evidence

For the most skeptics, who still doubt the existence of UFOs, I leave below some reliable sources of information.
The CIA and FBI under the FOIA Freedom of Information Act were required to disclose various UFO reporting documents and investigations.

Finally, I leave quotes from former presidents, physicists and reputable astronauts.

CIA Link:



Some Quotes:

"I have long been convinced that UFOs are interplanetary devices. One thing is certain: we are observed by beings from space."
 (Albert M. Chop, Deputy Director of NASA Public Relations, former USAF press, in charge of information on Pentagon UFOs).
January 1965 statements for True Magazine. He was also press spokesman for the Blue Book project.

"It is my contention that UFOs are real, and that they are spaceships from another solar system. I think they are possibly manned by intelligent observers, members of a race that may have been investigating Earth for centuries ..."
(Dr Hermann Oberth, a German scientist, in an October 1954 press article for The American Weekly magazine)

"I can assure you that UFOs, once they exist, are not built by any earthly power."
(Harry S. Truman, Former US President, at a Press Conference on April 4, 1950)

"Multiple astronomers know that UFOs are interplanetary spaceships. I think they come from a different solar system and use Mars as a base. The government knows what UFOs are, but is afraid to reveal the facts and cause social panic."
(Prof. Frank Halstead, astronomer administrator of Darling Observatory in Duluth Minnesota).

"Flying saucers actually exist"
(Barry Goldwater, US Republican Senator, Colonel in the USAF Reserve).

"The flying saucers are of extraterrestrial origin. Neither the Americans nor the Russians would be able to build such engines. The characteristics of these saucers are clearly superior to the current possibilities of science."
(Pierre Closterman, pilot of the Normandie-Niémen squadron).

"I am convinced that these objects exist. The existence of these spaceships is evident and I have accepted them. I think there are people on other planets acting through UFOs."
(Air chief Marshal Lord Dowding, R.A.F).

Many Russian and American astronauts claim to have seen UFOs in space on their missions.
These are the cases of Edwin Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, Neil Armstrong, Catherine Coleman, Dick Slayton among others.

Among the reports, Neil Armstrong's impresses: “The ships were huge ... We couldn't believe it. We were warned to move away, ”the astronaut would have declared. Later Armstrong himself returned to the subject: “I can't go into detail except to say that these ships were far superior to ours, both in size and in technology. They were big and threatening. ” THE

April 1979:
Russian astronaut Victor Afanasyev saw a UFO heading towards his ship shortly after launch. “The object was 40 m long, wide on one side and narrow on the other, with internal openings. Some parts had projections like little wings, but it remained very close to us. We photographed it and found it was about 25 meters away. ”

March 14, 84:
James Buchli, Space Shuttle STS-29 on-board doctor warns in surprise to ground control: “Houston, this is Discovery. We have an alien spaceship under observation. ”

October 21, 1995:
In the Space Shuttle STS-73 mission, astronaut Catherine Coleman informed the Houston ground base that they were facing "a large unidentified flying object."

Former NASA contributor Bob Oeschler said many of the videos taken during space missions were previously censored before the public presentation.

Maurice Chatelain, head of NASA's communications system, confirmed that astronaut Neil Armstrong has indeed reported seeing two UFOs in a crater. "All flights from the Apollo and Gemini missions were followed, near and far, by ships of extraterrestrial origin." According to Chatelain, after the astronauts reported the facts to mission control, they received orders of absolute silence.

Some governments that officially admit the existence of UFOs and have already revealed official documents:

U.S. (The Government does not officially admit the UFOs, but the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the Navy have revealed documents and videos).


We have more Than 5 Senses

We have several senses, not just the 5 most known ones (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch).
It is often said that women have the sixth sense, but so do men.

The sixth sense is Intuition, all beings have intuition, we are not defined by our material body (gender, gender, female or male) because above all we are spirit.

There are many other extra-physical senses (some still little known by science), spiritualism calls them medianimic faculties, metaphysics and parapsychology gives them names such as: telepathy, clairvoyance, clearness, precognition, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, among others.

Some of these gifts are just "gifts," faculties, not all of them are felt. I mean by senses all the mechanisms by which we receive information or sensation (informative input), so psychokinesis is not a sense, it is a gift, because we externalize psychic energy influencing objects, (there is an output, emission of energy).

Clairvoyance is a kind of extrasensory perception (ESP) that allows us to see spirits, or other things outside the ordinary spectrum.

Clarudience is also a sense, it allows us to hear sounds from other extraphysical realities, from supernatural beings or spirits. Clarasentience too.

Precognition is a variant of intuition and psychic vision, we may know in advance future events but these omens manifest themselves in various ways (they may be thoughts, mental images being so clairvoyance, or intuitions).

The process of seeing spirits can occur through our "third vision" (pineal gland, Ajna chakra) ethereal vision with the soul's eyes, but perhaps our physical eyes also play an important role because science has found that our retinas have a protein (cryptochroma), we have cryptochromes CRY1 and CRY2.

Which means that when we do exercises to develop psychic vision, we may also be unconsciously developing the ability of the eyes to see things that are ethereal, subtle (nonphysical). You see?

A study led by scientist Steven Reppert and published in the journal Nature Communications reveals that humans also have cryptochromes (in this case cryptochrome-2) sensitive to the earth's magnetic field.

In the 1980s, a study by scientist Robin Baker of the University of Manchester in England concluded from experiments with thousands of volunteers that humans are actually sensitive to the earth's magnetic field.

Science has recently found us more senses, one of which is magnetoreception (which many animals like birds and bats, and some mammals have) the ability to sense the earth's magnetic field.

Geophysicist Joe Kirschvink of the California Institute of Technology says that we humans inherited this faculty (magnetoreception) from our ancestors, but since we use little of that sense of orientation, he fell asleep.

In my view, the most spiritualized and sensitive people can sense the presence of spirits through magnetoreception, because the spirits are also composed of energetic particles, an energy mass (although not material, as they have higher frequency) but cause oscillation. in the air molecules, and energetic change, which we can feel.

We are all interconnected in various ways.

Our brains operate at frequencies up to 40Hz, just like the planet's Schumann resonance, Schumann Frequency keeps us in tune.

All our thoughts, desires, visualizations, actions are magnetically archived in an informational atmosphere surrounding the Earth (Noosphere, collective unconscious, Akasha, among other names), so we are also emotionally, energetically and psychologically linked.

Our Aura extends a few feet away around the body, aura is a biomagnetic field, also known as the Holochakra, our chakras radiate energy, and our etheric body too, the heart chakra is one of the largest. energy field, the people around us interact with this field, and we with their field exchange energy with each other.

Our minds are interconnected, regardless of distance (even thousands of kilometers) in many ways: connected to the Noosphere, but also our non-local consciousness (nonlocality is everywhere and not in a specific point, our mind is omnipresent, holographic), so we are all one consciousness.

We also have mirror neurons, those that make us "feel" the emotions of others.

They make us feel identified with characters in a movie, or when we see someone get hurt we feel their pain because we identify ourselves, but also because we have a nonlocal connection with people through the mirror neurons that are receptors to those energetic connections. non-local.

It is the mirror neurons that allow us to send and receive mental waves (distant thought transmission, telepathy), and to influence mentally at a distance (remote influence, telepathy).

People who feel the emotions of others are called Empatas, empathy is another kind of extra-physical sense.

Silvio Guerrinha


Kemetic Spirituality

Kemet was the name of ancient Egypt (Kemet meant land of blacks, or black land of the Nile) so derivatives of the term as Kemetic, Kemetic, Kemeticism, are subjects related to the revival of Egyptian culture.

Much of the modern spirituality we know is only inspired by Egyptian teachings thousands of years old, but with new terminologies.

Kemetism developed in the 1970s with the rise of neopaganism in the United States.

Some Europeans formerly traveled to Egypt (examples Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley) and then with the knowledge they brought adapted and created their own doctrines (Aleister Crowley created the Thelema and was linked to the Golden Dawn Order, Blavatsky created the Theosophical Society) .

Tarology, Egyptian yoga (Smai Tawi), astrology were also born in the Kemet, energy healing also existed (Sekhm, SKHM or Seichem healing), the Japanese Mikao Usui created reiki probably inspired by this when he had illumination on the mountain.

Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian Order adapted their knowledge of ancient Egypt.
Several Roman and Greek gods were inspired by the Egyptian gods.

The tree of life in Kabbalah was also inspired by the scheme of the Egyptian Kaballah tree.

The alchemy of ancient Kemet was Alkhemi, Hermeticism derives from Toth's teachings (which the Greeks called Hermes Trimegistus, the three times large).

At the end of each sentence Amen is said, this is an adaptation of the word Amen-Ra (occult aspect of the god RA) and the joined-hands posture in honor of the RA.

Some ancient proverbs found in Luxor temples:

«What you are doing does not matter, but what you learned from what you were doing»

«The Body is the temple of God. That is why it is said know thyself. »

(Note: In ancient Kemet there was no concept of one God, but they saw the collective of all gods and goddesses as part of a divine Whole: Ntru = Neteru).

«Knowledge comes from within, the Master only provides the keys…»

Knowledge arises by degrees…

“You will be set free when you learn to be neutral and follow the instructions of your heart, never letting things disturb you. This is the way of Maat. »

"Expansion of consciousness does not depend on the will of the intellect or its possibilities, but on the intensity of the inner search."

"Everyone finds their place in the world, the essential thing is to have a fixed point from which to analyze your reality in the Now and Then."

«The whole seed reacts to light, only the kind of color differs… The plant reveals what the seed contains.»

This is a coded message, each light spectrum color has a certain frequency, for example red, green, yellow, have different frequencies.

Each fruit has a specific color, which symbolizes the frequency of light that the seed received during growth until it originated the plant and the fruits.

Each color has its therapeutic application, just as the fruit of that same color will have the same therapeutic properties.

The Universe responds to Frequencies

Did you know that your thoughts and emotions generate frequencies to which the universe responds?

It is as if we are all emitting radio signals that go out into the universe and match us with anything on the same wavelength, bringing to us the circumstances and resonating events that make up our lives.

The signals you emit are composed of your thought-form patterns, emotions, feelings, your own aura emits a personal energetic signature.

Believe me, it has the power to affect your experiences by paying attention to what you focus on. This is where your power lies. If you are focused on the negative aspects of your experience, you will create more of it, which you will focus on and create more, and so on, in a vicious cycle. Fortunately, this also works the other way around!

Choosing to focus on the positive aspects of any experience will create even more positive aspects that you can focus on and continue to attract more positive experiences. Even if you can find only one positive aspect in a situation with many other aspects, continue to choose to focus on the positive, you will soon see improvements in that situation.

It is a gradual and continuous process. It works!

Just because something is one way doesn't mean it should stay that way! Just because you've had bad situations in the past doesn't mean you're bound to have more in the future. If you don't like it, know that you have the power to change it. Know that you can create more if you wish.

Focus more energy on your dreams rather than your fears.

Gradually changing your perception to include more than you like will open the spectrum of opportunities.

Sílvio Guerrinha

How to disintegrate Karma

First I must emphasize that karma (or karma) is not exactly punishment, but the law of action and reaction in motion.

How to disintegrate karma:

We can say that karmic energies are an aspect of the law of cause and effect, these energies are attracted to us that we resonate with them, due to actions we have done in the past.

Start by changing your vibration:

Repent of past mistakes, apologize for mistakes you may have made in past lives, even if you obviously don't remember. The important thing is the feeling of redemption, of change. The universe always watches.

Heal your past, make creative visualization, relive past moments and imagine them different, stop feeling grudge or anger, forget less good memories.

React old ties between friends, family, ex-boyfriend apologize, try to reconcile those ties. Such people will feel moved, whenever they think of themselves they are emitting a more positive energy about you. In short you will be transmuting the kind of energies that will come to you. This is transmuting karma.

Silvio Guerrinha

Universe could be made of Information

What is the universe made of? Matter?
Dark matter, energy, vibrations?

According to physicist Vlatko Vedral, our universe is made up of information.

According to this, if we break the universe into smaller and smaller pieces what would be left in the end would be bits. Yes, these bits of information similar to those of the computer.

A bit is the smallest piece of information, representing the distinction between two binary possibilities (yes or no, true or false, zero or one, and on).
The word bit refers to the physical information storage unit of your computer, a bit is registered by a tiny magnet on one of the poles of your memory drive.
At this tiny scale, the universe would be controlled by the laws of quantum physics.
Quantum supercomputers that can read qbits, that is, quantum bits, can understand information using quantum laws.

That is, while a bit can say yes or no, a qbit can say yes and no at the same time. That's why quantum computers can solve problems that normal computers don't understand.
In his book Vlatko argues that we should view the universe as a huge quantum computer. It may seem like something from beyond, but he has the scientific basis to state it.

Physics shows that electrons can store bits of information. So scientists now focus on trying to figure out how the universe translates this recorded information on such a small scale.

Source: New Scientist
Unfortunately, as large websites delete old links, the link is no longer available.

Alternative sources of information: Space.com, Big Think.

Ufo Incidents

Thomas F. Mantell Case:

On January 7, 1948, Kentucky was patrolling as it began to receive calls that there was a huge object about 91 meters across, flying over Maysville and slowly moving west. The state patrol reported the sighting. Eyewitnesses near the military base watched the object move slowly across the sky. After an hour and a half, the base sent four F-51D Mustangs, led by Captain Thomas F. Mantell to investigate. When they reached 6 km altitude, three of the four planes stopped climbing, but Mantell continued. He reached more than 9 km, and soon after, the plane went into a bolt and crashed. An hour later they found the plane smashed and the body of the pilot beheaded. Mantell's clock was stopped at 3:18 pm

The official explanation is that the UFO was a Skyhook weather balloon, but ufologists disagree with that explanation. Someone in the fort or one of the pilots would be able to recognize a weather balloon 4 km away. And Mantell's last broadcast said, "My God, I see people in this thing!" Another official version says that the pilot may have confused Venus (which in the sky resembles a very bright star) with an UFO.

Kinross Incident:

On November 23, 1953, an object appeared on the radar at Kinross Air Base near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Lieutenant Felix Moncla and Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson were sent to investigate. At the base, they watched as their jet approached the UFO, the two bright spots on the radar (plane and UFO) approached and disappeared from the radar.

Both US and Canadian research teams were formed, but no evidence of plane wreckage, men aboard or UFO was found. The Air Force presented two official versions. The first was that Moncla had vertigo and fell into the Lake. They also guessed that the plane crashed when it crashed into a Canadian plane, but the Canadian government denied that. The mystery remains unsolved.

Silvio Guerrinha

Quantum Entanglement

When talking about quantum physics, it is common to hear the term quantum entanglement, or quantum entanglement. Which is?

It is a phenomenon of quantum mechanics that allows two or more objects (or particles, etc.) to be somehow so closely linked that an object cannot be correctly described without its counterpart being mentioned - even though the objects may be spatially separated by million light years. Two particles in quantum entanglement become one entity.

Einstein called it Spooky action at distance.

This phenomenon is not merely theoretical, it is real and proven in the laboratory. In fact, quantum entanglement is the basis of new technologies such as quantum computing, quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation experiments of particles have already been done.

So after this little explanation, let's move on to the spiritual part.
Why is the concept of quantum entanglement so much used in spirituality websites and books?
If two particles or more, like objects, can be energetically linked at a distance, so can we humans. Thus various phenomena can be explained by quantum entanglement.

Distance healing actions (Reiki, pranic healing, magnified healing and other systems).
Rituals of magic and spells (remote action, intertwining between magician and target person).
When a person's object (which contains that person's energy or DNA) or strands of hair is used in a spell, there is a remote energy connection to that person. The basis of this is quantum entanglement as well.

Telepathy (distant communication between two minds, in resonance).

Projection of consciousness (variants: vision, remote, projectiology, astral travel).

Silvio Guerrinha

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