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UFO in PERU- Amazing video



On Chilca Beach (in Peru, south of Lima), last year in March 2020, hundreds of people held a UFO Skywatch vigil.

They saw a flashing light above sea level (in the sky), pointed 2 laser beams towards that UFO to try to interact with it, to everyone's surprise the UFO emitted strong pulses of light, interacting back.

The live broadcast was directed by Dr. Anthony Choy on the program "Journey to Another Dimension".

A lighthouse, or even a supposed drone, could not mimic such an intense pulse of light.



Machine learning Universe


machine learning universe

Theoretical physicists working with Microsoft published an article stating that the universe is essentially a machine learning computer.

The researchers, several Microsoft affiliates, pre-published an article on arXiv entitled “The Self-taught Universe”, found by The Next Web. The article describes our universe as an algorithm that is continually learning about itself.

The proposal is that, like humans, the universe itself observes and learns about its own laws and structures - and changes as a result.

From the article:

“For example, when we see that structures similar to deep learning architectures emerge in simple self-learning systems, can we imagine that the operating matrix architecture in which our universe evolves laws, evolved from a self-taught system that emerged from the minimum possible initial conditions?

The researchers in this article explored ideas similar to research done by physicist Vitaly Vanchurin, who claimed that the universe is actually a giant neural network.

The next web


Ghost motocycle?


mota paranormal fantasma

Footage of a motorcycle moving and falling over on its own has been doing the rounds on social media.

The intriguing clip, which was reportedly filmed back in December before being picked up and shared online, shows a quiet street in India with two motorcycles parked at the side of the road.

At around the 15-second mark on the video, one of the motorcycles suddenly starts to roll forward without explanation before collapsing in the middle of the road a few moments later.

Little is known about the footage other than that it was posted on Twitter by user Amber Zaidi.

"Recorded on camera, otherwise no one believes," a translation of the caption reads.

The footage has since generated tens of thousands of views and hundreds of comments, with users speculating over whether or not the culprit was paranormal in nature.


A Glitch in the Matrix


glitch  in Matrix

A new and interesting documentary will appear that addresses the Simulation theory, Matrix, Holographic Reality.

It is titled "A Glitch in the Matrix", produced by Rodney Ascher. It has good special effects to illustrate the concept, it mentions the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick who decades ago already suggested that we live in a simulated world.

The documentary also makes reference to the Matrix trilogy, including interviews with well-known characters like Nick Bostrom, Chris Ware, among others.


Official website.


Alaska Triangle


You have certainly heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but what about the Alaska Triangle? 

It is considered more dangerous.

According to The Atlantic magazine, 3,000 people disappear every year in Alaska. Most disappear into the wilderness of the so-called “Alaska Triangle”.

Since 1988, there have been more than 16,000 disappearances in the area forming the mysterious triangle, between the regions of Utkiagaviq (also known as Barrow), Anchorage, and Juneau, the capital of Alaska.

In 1972, the area of ​​the mysterious Alaska Triangle aroused the world's curiosity after the disappearance of a Cessna plane carrying American politicians in the city of Anchorage.

The United States government carried out a 39-day operation in search of politicians, using 40 military planes and 50 civilian planes. However, they never found debris, debris or corpses.

Alaska continued to accumulate thousands of cases of unsolved disappearances. The Atlantic magazine describes the stories of two young men who mysteriously disappeared.

The first is Rick Hills, who disappeared in February 2004, aged 35, when he was going to get a check in Anchorage. The other case is that of Richard Bennet, 39, who disappeared near the same city in 2005.

Ice and snow can erase the last vestiges of a person, as there are constant landslides, broken glaciers, rivers overflowing and dangerous slopes. All these phenomena make it possible for any explorer to skid, fall and disappear with ease.

On the other hand, there is no explanation for the disappearance of aircraft. According to the magazine Curiosity, among them are a military aircraft with 44 passengers in 1950 and the twin-engine Cessna 340 with five passengers in 1990.

But Alaska is the scene of many mysteries, one of which is a major case of UFO sightings and abductions.

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Merry Christmas



UFOS over Giza Pyramids


UFOS over Egypt

UFOS over GIZA Pyramids. 4th December


Living electrodes in Brain


It sounds like science fiction, but it isn't.

Living electrodes were placed in the brain of rats. The purpose of the experiments is to study how, in the future, to apply this technology to humans and to be able to connect the brain to a computer or any machine (CBI: Computer Brain Interface).

Dr Kacy Cullen, an associate professor of neurosurgery at the University of Pennsylvania, developed an electrode made of living tissue (tiny three-dimensional strands of brain cells).

Dr Cullen also has his own neurosurgery laboratory (the Cullen Lab).

Grown from stem cells and packaged in biodegradable gel tubes, these natural electrodes can be softer in the brain, fusing and connecting with living tissue rather than injuring it. He hopes they can solve some of the implant problems used in DBS and BCIs and potentially make these treatments available to more patients.

"This is an organic interface that really allows you to speak the language of the brain - with the added benefit of being self-renewing, as it is a living entity," said Cullen. Live electrodes can not only replace traditional electrodes, but also restore the "connectoma", the long-distance connections that can stretch and break during brain damage or wither due to diseases like Parkinson's or epilepsy.


New Scientist , Neo Life, Bio Rxiv.

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Trancas- Argentina Ufo incident: 1963


Trancas UFO case, argentina

The Trancas case, as it became known, was a UFO event that took place in October 1963 in Argentina, in a rural area in the village of Trancas (province of Tucumán).

On the night of 21 October in Trancas, Argentina, two sisters (Argentina and Jolié) were getting ready to go to sleep early, as there was a power cut.

The maid (Dora) called them over and said she saw strange lights outside.

The three of them ventured out and went to the street, saw a flying saucer and a tunnel of green light coming down from it.

They approached, they could see "windows" on that flying saucer. A kind of fog began to descend from inside the disk, that fog due to the light of the flying saucer was also greenish.

Jolié came closer and put her hand in that green light, she was hot but she felt no pain or burning skin.

Shortly afterwards, the ship turned orange, and there seemed to be other spheres of light rotating inside.

Flames seemed to come out of the ship, they got scared and ran away.

The ship did not follow them, but it seemed to be flying over "probing" the agricultural land.

A strange detail, the dogs on this farm, did not bark, neither chickens nor other animals made a noise.

There were more witnesses in that location.

A neighbor Francisco Tropiano said he saw strange lights at 10 pm.

A doctor who drove René Vera that night, claims that the car stopped working. He then went on foot to the hospital,

he says he saw at least 50 strange lights in the sky flying at low altitude towards East, leaving a sulfur smell in the air.

Researchers the next day found a strange white granular powder on the ground, analyzes found that it was neither sand nor dust from that land, it did not have the same organic constitution.

It was composed of 96.48% calcium carbonate and 3.51% potassium, which could have been generated after a strong exothermic reaction. There was also an 8 meter diameter mark on the floor.

This case inspired Steven Spielberg to produce the film "Immediate encounters of the third degree".

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UFO sphere at Canary islands: 1976


An extraordinary case occurred in 1976 in the Canary Islands, several witnesses saw a very luminous sphere in the sky (three times as wide as the moon), including there is a photograph.

The photograph was taken by a tourist in Maspalomas, south of Gran Canaria (one of the Spanish islands in northwest Africa).

The most skeptical cannot argue that it was a missile launch (at that time it was not common) or a drone (since there were no drones at that time).

On the night of June 22, 1976 (around 10:15 pm), several hundred witnesses and in different locations saw a flash in the sky, the phenomenon lasted 40 minutes.

Among the witnesses there were not only civilians, but military as well.

Through the photographs we can notice a huge flash, note that at the time there were no digital cameras, the rollers with negative were very sensitive to light, in the pictures we can only see a flash.

Witnesses say that inside the flying sphere, they could see two figures (figures) two beings inside.

Several witnesses who were on a Spanish navy "Atrevida" corvette on the south coast of Fuerteventura, spotted the object.

The captain, whose testimony appears in file 760622 declassified by the Air Force in June 1994, expressed himself as follows:

At 9:27 pm (10:27 pm local time) on June 22, a luminous spot, of an intense yellow-blue color, was seen for the first time, leaving the ground and rising in height towards our position ... Once, the height (15º-18º) remained immobile, rotating its luminous projection, revealing the source's focus. It remained like this for approximately two minutes, creating a great halo of intense yellow-blue light, which remained in the same position for forty minutes, even after the disappearance of the phenomenon that gave rise to it.

After two minutes the focus was divided, leaving a smaller part below, in the center of the luminous circle, forming a bluish cloud and the fraction that gave rise to this bluish nucleus disappeared. The superior assumed a spiral height quickly and irregularly, disappearing afterwards. All these movements did not affect the initial circular halo, which was always in the same conditions, illuminating part of the land and sea, which suggests that it was not a distant object, but a nearby one.

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Lonnie Zamora UFO incident


lonnie Zamora UFO

The Lonnie Zamora incident was a UFO encounter that took place on April 24, 1964 in Socorro, New Mexico.

The policeman Lonnie Zamora had an encounter with an extraterrestrial ship, the case is solid because there were other witnesses who saw a similar ship, on the ground there were traces (sand fused in glass, due to high temperatures, landing marks and a burnt bush).

This case had extensive media coverage, the US military investigated, the air force and the FBI (not sure why, but the FBI asked witnesses to never reveal details to anyone).

Policeman Zamora described the ship and made a sketch, it had an oval shape and a strange symbol with an arrow, still questioned if it had been a secret military plane, a flight test of some American lunar module, but all the authorities said "We did not carry out no test "" This flying device is not ours ".

Professor Allen Hynek of the Air Force "Blue Book" project investigated this case, and even tried to deny this case with a "scientific" explanation, concluded that it remained unexplained.

How it all happened:

Officer Lonnie Zamora was on a chase, it was 5:45 pm, heading south from Socorro (New Mexico), but I heard a huge crash and abandoned the chase.

He observed a strange object, oval in shape, looked white, had a red arrow symbol with a curve over it. He saw two small beings (the size of children) on the outer side of the ship.

3D illustration.

The object then took off, went away.

Zamora had called colleagues on the radio, when they arrived at the site they still saw some bushes burning.

There were other witnesses (miles away), indicating that this Ship may have visited other locations.

When Maurice Masse, a farmer in Valensole, France, saw a drawing of the ship Zamora, he was surprised, as it was the same one I had seen in his lavender fields a year later, in July 1965. He also saw the two beings.

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Flight 169 Vasp and UFO Encounter


flight 169 Vasp and UFO

A famous case was that of flight 169 of VASP (São Paulo air travel, Brazil) in 1982.

The flight was going from Fortaleza to Rio de Janeiro, on February 8, 1982, at 3:00 am, commander Gerson Maciel de Britto, of the Boeing 727, saw a luminous flying object and reported to all 150 passengers that, in good part, they went to the windows to try to see the object. 

According to the commander, the object was seen for the first time around 3 am, when the plane was flying over the state of Bahia, and followed the aircraft until just before landing in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Britto even communicated the fact to the air traffic control operators. However, the radars did not detect any signal near the Vasp plane. Near Belo Horizonte (MG), the radars received a signal eight nautical miles (15 kilometers) to the left of the Boeing 727.

The object was visible through the windows on the left side of the plane and it was a very strong light, which approached and moved away from the plane, changing colors between orange, white, blue and red. The object would also have been seen by an airplane from Aerolíneas Argentinas and another one from TransBrasil, according to the commander of Vasp.

In an interview with "Jornal Nacional" at the time, Commander Britto said he tried to make contact with the UFO.

"I signaled the aircraft's headlights several times, the wing headlights, to see an answer, perhaps, on their part. Only what I could identify as an answer was the very sharp approach of the aircraft to the point that Brasilia's radar detected this object. eight miles from our plane, "he said.

ct Gerson de Britto UFO

Some passengers also claimed to have seen the luminous object during the flight.

"I observed those points very clearly, five points, half pointed and half of a ring or ring. The light was very strong. A light blue, a strange blue, like those mercury lamps," said one passenger, also in an interview with "Jornal Nacional" at the time.

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