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Merry Christmas



UFOS over Giza Pyramids


UFOS over Egypt

UFOS over GIZA Pyramids. 4th December


Living electrodes in Brain


It sounds like science fiction, but it isn't.

Living electrodes were placed in the brain of rats. The purpose of the experiments is to study how, in the future, to apply this technology to humans and to be able to connect the brain to a computer or any machine (CBI: Computer Brain Interface).

Dr Kacy Cullen, an associate professor of neurosurgery at the University of Pennsylvania, developed an electrode made of living tissue (tiny three-dimensional strands of brain cells).

Dr Cullen also has his own neurosurgery laboratory (the Cullen Lab).

Grown from stem cells and packaged in biodegradable gel tubes, these natural electrodes can be softer in the brain, fusing and connecting with living tissue rather than injuring it. He hopes they can solve some of the implant problems used in DBS and BCIs and potentially make these treatments available to more patients.

"This is an organic interface that really allows you to speak the language of the brain - with the added benefit of being self-renewing, as it is a living entity," said Cullen. Live electrodes can not only replace traditional electrodes, but also restore the "connectoma", the long-distance connections that can stretch and break during brain damage or wither due to diseases like Parkinson's or epilepsy.


New Scientist , Neo Life, Bio Rxiv.

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Trancas- Argentina Ufo incident: 1963


Trancas UFO case, argentina

The Trancas case, as it became known, was a UFO event that took place in October 1963 in Argentina, in a rural area in the village of Trancas (province of Tucumán).

On the night of 21 October in Trancas, Argentina, two sisters (Argentina and Jolié) were getting ready to go to sleep early, as there was a power cut.

The maid (Dora) called them over and said she saw strange lights outside.

The three of them ventured out and went to the street, saw a flying saucer and a tunnel of green light coming down from it.

They approached, they could see "windows" on that flying saucer. A kind of fog began to descend from inside the disk, that fog due to the light of the flying saucer was also greenish.

Jolié came closer and put her hand in that green light, she was hot but she felt no pain or burning skin.

Shortly afterwards, the ship turned orange, and there seemed to be other spheres of light rotating inside.

Flames seemed to come out of the ship, they got scared and ran away.

The ship did not follow them, but it seemed to be flying over "probing" the agricultural land.

A strange detail, the dogs on this farm, did not bark, neither chickens nor other animals made a noise.

There were more witnesses in that location.

A neighbor Francisco Tropiano said he saw strange lights at 10 pm.

A doctor who drove René Vera that night, claims that the car stopped working. He then went on foot to the hospital,

he says he saw at least 50 strange lights in the sky flying at low altitude towards East, leaving a sulfur smell in the air.

Researchers the next day found a strange white granular powder on the ground, analyzes found that it was neither sand nor dust from that land, it did not have the same organic constitution.

It was composed of 96.48% calcium carbonate and 3.51% potassium, which could have been generated after a strong exothermic reaction. There was also an 8 meter diameter mark on the floor.

This case inspired Steven Spielberg to produce the film "Immediate encounters of the third degree".

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UFO sphere at Canary islands: 1976


An extraordinary case occurred in 1976 in the Canary Islands, several witnesses saw a very luminous sphere in the sky (three times as wide as the moon), including there is a photograph.

The photograph was taken by a tourist in Maspalomas, south of Gran Canaria (one of the Spanish islands in northwest Africa).

The most skeptical cannot argue that it was a missile launch (at that time it was not common) or a drone (since there were no drones at that time).

On the night of June 22, 1976 (around 10:15 pm), several hundred witnesses and in different locations saw a flash in the sky, the phenomenon lasted 40 minutes.

Among the witnesses there were not only civilians, but military as well.

Through the photographs we can notice a huge flash, note that at the time there were no digital cameras, the rollers with negative were very sensitive to light, in the pictures we can only see a flash.

Witnesses say that inside the flying sphere, they could see two figures (figures) two beings inside.

Several witnesses who were on a Spanish navy "Atrevida" corvette on the south coast of Fuerteventura, spotted the object.

The captain, whose testimony appears in file 760622 declassified by the Air Force in June 1994, expressed himself as follows:

At 9:27 pm (10:27 pm local time) on June 22, a luminous spot, of an intense yellow-blue color, was seen for the first time, leaving the ground and rising in height towards our position ... Once, the height (15º-18º) remained immobile, rotating its luminous projection, revealing the source's focus. It remained like this for approximately two minutes, creating a great halo of intense yellow-blue light, which remained in the same position for forty minutes, even after the disappearance of the phenomenon that gave rise to it.

After two minutes the focus was divided, leaving a smaller part below, in the center of the luminous circle, forming a bluish cloud and the fraction that gave rise to this bluish nucleus disappeared. The superior assumed a spiral height quickly and irregularly, disappearing afterwards. All these movements did not affect the initial circular halo, which was always in the same conditions, illuminating part of the land and sea, which suggests that it was not a distant object, but a nearby one.

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Lonnie Zamora UFO incident


lonnie Zamora UFO

The Lonnie Zamora incident was a UFO encounter that took place on April 24, 1964 in Socorro, New Mexico.

The policeman Lonnie Zamora had an encounter with an extraterrestrial ship, the case is solid because there were other witnesses who saw a similar ship, on the ground there were traces (sand fused in glass, due to high temperatures, landing marks and a burnt bush).

This case had extensive media coverage, the US military investigated, the air force and the FBI (not sure why, but the FBI asked witnesses to never reveal details to anyone).

Policeman Zamora described the ship and made a sketch, it had an oval shape and a strange symbol with an arrow, still questioned if it had been a secret military plane, a flight test of some American lunar module, but all the authorities said "We did not carry out no test "" This flying device is not ours ".

Professor Allen Hynek of the Air Force "Blue Book" project investigated this case, and even tried to deny this case with a "scientific" explanation, concluded that it remained unexplained.

How it all happened:

Officer Lonnie Zamora was on a chase, it was 5:45 pm, heading south from Socorro (New Mexico), but I heard a huge crash and abandoned the chase.

He observed a strange object, oval in shape, looked white, had a red arrow symbol with a curve over it. He saw two small beings (the size of children) on the outer side of the ship.

3D illustration.

The object then took off, went away.

Zamora had called colleagues on the radio, when they arrived at the site they still saw some bushes burning.

There were other witnesses (miles away), indicating that this Ship may have visited other locations.

When Maurice Masse, a farmer in Valensole, France, saw a drawing of the ship Zamora, he was surprised, as it was the same one I had seen in his lavender fields a year later, in July 1965. He also saw the two beings.

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Flight 169 Vasp and UFO Encounter


flight 169 Vasp and UFO

A famous case was that of flight 169 of VASP (São Paulo air travel, Brazil) in 1982.

The flight was going from Fortaleza to Rio de Janeiro, on February 8, 1982, at 3:00 am, commander Gerson Maciel de Britto, of the Boeing 727, saw a luminous flying object and reported to all 150 passengers that, in good part, they went to the windows to try to see the object. 

According to the commander, the object was seen for the first time around 3 am, when the plane was flying over the state of Bahia, and followed the aircraft until just before landing in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Britto even communicated the fact to the air traffic control operators. However, the radars did not detect any signal near the Vasp plane. Near Belo Horizonte (MG), the radars received a signal eight nautical miles (15 kilometers) to the left of the Boeing 727.

The object was visible through the windows on the left side of the plane and it was a very strong light, which approached and moved away from the plane, changing colors between orange, white, blue and red. The object would also have been seen by an airplane from Aerolíneas Argentinas and another one from TransBrasil, according to the commander of Vasp.

In an interview with "Jornal Nacional" at the time, Commander Britto said he tried to make contact with the UFO.

"I signaled the aircraft's headlights several times, the wing headlights, to see an answer, perhaps, on their part. Only what I could identify as an answer was the very sharp approach of the aircraft to the point that Brasilia's radar detected this object. eight miles from our plane, "he said.

ct Gerson de Britto UFO

Some passengers also claimed to have seen the luminous object during the flight.

"I observed those points very clearly, five points, half pointed and half of a ring or ring. The light was very strong. A light blue, a strange blue, like those mercury lamps," said one passenger, also in an interview with "Jornal Nacional" at the time.

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Alan Godfrey alien Abduction: 1980


alan godfrey abduction Ufo

An extraordinary case happened on November 28, 1980, to a British policeman Alan Godfrey in the city of Todmorden (West Yorkshire, in the northwest of England).

alan godfrey

Agent Alan was called to an incident, some cows missing, on the morning of 28 November. He saw a vehicle approaching, it was close to Burnley Road, it looked like a bus, but when he was closer he saw that vehicle was something more bizarre.

The strange object levitated three and a half feet above the ground, tried to call for backup via radio, but the radio did not work. He took the notebook and drew the object in as much detail as possible.

tordmoden UFO

The spaceship appeared to be 4 meters high and 6 meters in diameter. It turned on itself counterclockwise, it was oval in shape. He saw a huge flash and lost track of time, Alan remembers only waking up in an area several kilometers away.

Later, when they went to see where the UFO was, the vegetation on the ground was dry in that area.

This case was very serious and credible, the policeman was analyzed psychologically and it was found that he did not invent anything, in addition there were more witnesses, police from another base (Halifax) claim to have also seen a strange luminous object descend from the sky, and going towards Todmorden Little.

Alan's boots were very worn and torn on the sole, as if he had been dragged across the floor.

After being subjected to hypnotherapy consultations (to try to remember something about the 15-minute lapse of time) Alan recalled new details.

He was in a room and a man communicated with him telepathically, the individual's name was Yosef, there were more beings (small the size of children) with an oval head, but they looked like humanoids, half cyborgs.

Alan even did some interviews and published a book.

In that year of 1980 there were several UFO incidents in England, a trucker reportedly was also abducted, and a more serious case was that of a Tingley miner: Zigmund Adamski who appeared dead that same year.

His body, found on a pile of coal in Todmorden, had strange burns on the neck and wrists, a type of yellow gel on the burns was a substance that forensic doctors could not identify. The news was published in several newspapers, and the BBC published articles on the case.

Coroner Alan Edwards, during the autopsy, reported that Zigmund's beard had not grown during the five days he was missing, as well as nails, hair and body hair in general. It was as if growth had been halted all this time.

There were no internal injuries or ruptures, nor any damage due to problems of a vascular or cerebral nature. The doctor said: "it was as if the body had just been turned off, naturally".

Ufologists believe the two cases are related.

Zigmund was found dead in June, five months later (November), police officer Alan Godfrey met with a UFO, 2 km away from that Burnley coal mine.

If  you want to see a documentary, in which Alan Godfrey participates, see here:

Part1Part 2.

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Falcon Lake ufo Incident

UFO case Falcon Lake

In ufology there are a lot of interesting reports, but reports are just reports, some without photos or physical evidence.
But on this blog I like to share the most emblematic cases that marked ufology and many of them still have no "official denial", that is, they are still inexplicable.
Some of these cases with evidence (whether objects or photographs of the UFO) that were analyzed in the laboratory and considered to be true evidence.

Examples are UFO photos photographed by Carlos Díaz, in Mexico, or extraterrestrial DNA samples from a hair in the case of Peter Khoury.

I now share another intriguing case, the 1967 Falcon Lake UFO incident (in Canada). Stephen Michalak got burns on his body and clothes, radiation levels were high.
In that place, small pieces of metal were found that contained high levels of radiation, even today the case remains without a plausible explanation.

In the early afternoon, on May 20, 1967, amateur geologist Stephen Michalak was at Lake Falcon, looking for minerals.
He noticed a certain agitation among the geese that were nearby and, looking up, he saw two shiny objects with an oval shape making a quick descent maneuver.

One of the objects landed on a flat rock about 50 meters from where Stephen was, while the other stopped its descent abruptly, hovering in a stationary position next to him. Moments later, this second ship left quickly, changing from red to orange and finally gray before disappearing. The one that landed also changed color - from red to gray, until it became the color of incandescent metal.

Curious, Stephen approached the object carefully and, according to what he reported, the UFO looked like a bowl with a dome on top, and was about 12 meters wide by 4.5 meters high. The ship produced a kind of hum and emitted a sulfur-like odor, and there were openings through which it was possible to hear muffled voices - Stephen could make out at least two - that appeared to be human.

Stephen said that, at first, he thought it was an object of terrestrial origin, and tried to communicate with the ship's occupants in several languages, asking if they needed help. But when he got no answer, he decided to take a peek, poking his head through the door to see if anyone was inside. And nobody inside, just lights. Was it controlled remotely?

At that moment, some panels slid and blocked the door and, trying to get away, Stephen touched the ship - it was so hot that it melted the gloves he was wearing. Suddenly, the UFO took off, releasing superheated air through a grid that functioned as an exhaust system, burning Stephen's hat and causing his shirt to ignite and burn his torso. In addition, the Canadian remembers suffering a severe attack of nausea.

stephen michalak Ufo

This fact set fire to the witness's clothes and left him with first degree burns on his stomach, where the pattern of the ship's grill was burned. A hospital in Winnipeg treated his burns, which later developed into hives. In addition, episodes of dizziness, diarrhea and blackouts lasted for several weeks.

Michalak reported the incident to Canadian and US authorities, eventually completing a physical and mental assessment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. This prestigious clinic determined that the man wasn't lying or hallucinate. A year later, several pieces of twisted metal were recovered from the supposed place where the flying saucer landed. Tests showed that the metal was highly radioactive ... The clothing that the witness wore and soil samples were also analyzed, producing similar results.

It should be noted that the main object of the case left a mark on the land where the vegetation did not grow. This has a diameter of 4 and a half meters and is circular. To date, neither Canada nor the United States authorities have been able to explain the event.

The case was investigated intensively by various levels of government, and the official conclusion, even from the United States Air Force, was that the case had no explanation, noted Rutkowski.

Source CBC News


Ufo documentary: The Phenomenon


the phenomenon UFOS

Another serious UFO documentary came out, "The Phenomenon". This one looks good because it has testimonials from ex-astronauts and a former Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (Christopher Mellon), among others, which gives the documentary more seriousness.

It also reveals UFO videos from archives that were not yet known to the public.

The former White House chief of Staff, John Podesta, also takes part in the documentary (several emails from him appeared on Wikileaks about UFOs).

The documentary "The Phenomenon" covers the UFO cases of the last 70 years, was directed by James Fox and narrated by Peter Coyote.

  "Our team has gathered the most convincing testimony and evidence from around the world that will lead even the most skeptical to come to the conclusion that we are not alone."

Said James Fox.


Official website


Estefania Gutierrez Possession: 1991


vallecas possession case

In 1991, in Spain - Vallecas (village in Madrid), there was a case of supernatural possession that led to the death of Estefânia Gutierrez Lazaro.

The most intriguing in this case was the testimony of two policemen, in their report it was written the paranormal phenomena they observed in the house.

Two weeks earlier, Estefânia (18 years old) had made a session with friends with the Ouija board and the glass cup mysteriously broke, after that she started having strange symptoms, convulsions, for no apparent reason.

Once the friends saw a small black fog approach Estefânia's face and enter through her nose. Days later she went into catalepsy (she couldn't move or speak).

He never recovered, and died in August 1991.

The autopsy concluded that she died of sudden death, failure of organs such as the heart and lungs.

But this did not stop there, the parents heard strange voices at night calling "mother, mother", some objects in her room and the sheets fell on the floor (even with the room closed and without drafts, without plausible explanations).

Sometimes they heard an evil laugh in the corridor of the house (but it didn't sound like Estefânia's voice, it sounded like an old woman's voice).

Sometimes doors of the house slammed hard, once a frame with Estefânia's photo started to burn spontaneously, even the parents photographed it.

The neighbors say that they sometimes saw a "dark figure" through the window, in Estefânia's room.

Poltergeist phenomena continued to increase, so much so that in November 1992 police inspector Jose Negri was called to the house at 2:40 am.

It was Inspector Negri, two more policemen and an officer José Pedro. They themselves witnessed strange sounds in the house, solid taps on the wall, this was recorded in the report.

«We were with the family, we could hear and see how a perfectly closed cabinet door opened and closed. We checked the door. She moved in an unnatural way. Moments later, we saw how a tablecloth on a telephone table became a stain by a brownish substance, which the Inspector identified as “like goo”. When we checked the rooms of the house, we saw how a wooden crucifix turned upside down and the metal crest on it was pulled out. One of the couple's daughters then placed the cross behind the door on a poster. Then, at the same moment, three “nail marks, scratches on the poster” appeared.»

The agents left the house, a little scared, and there was nothing they could do about it.

The Family tried exorcists, priests, shamans, they were unable to eliminate that evil, they had to sell the house and leave.

This was one of the most interesting and unexplained cases, documented, as there were neutral witnesses (the police) who attested to the veracity of the phenomena, and it was recorded in a report.

Years later (in 2017), Netflix bought the rights of a Spanish film "Verónica" by Paco Shortly, based on this real case from Estefânia. In some countries, it has had different titles as "The possession of Verónica".

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Carlos Diaz, one of the most Impressive UFO Cases


carlos diaz UFO

One morning in January 1981, Mexican photographer Carlos Diaz stopped at a deserted parking lot in Ajusco Park, near Mexico City. He was working for a magazine and arranged to meet a journalist who was yet to arrive.

Diaz was sitting in the car, preparing his camera for the job ahead of him. Although it was early in the morning, the air was thick with moisture that made it uncomfortable even to sit still. Impatient, Diaz started looking at his watch.

Suddenly, his attention was attracted by a strange yellow glow coming from the valley below him. At first he thought it was a forest fire, but a moment later the light source turned out to be a large orange and oval UFO, hovering slowly about 30 meters from his car.

Unable to believe his own eyes, Diaz quickly grabbed the camera. With him on the steering wheel, he began to shoot frantically. Then, without warning, the whole car started to shake violently.

Diaz got out of the vehicle and took two more pictures before the ship flew vertically into the sky, leaving Diaz in shock. This meeting marked the beginning of what would become one of the most fascinating and ancient cases of contacts in the history of Ufology.

While wandering through the vegetation, Diaz was again alerted to the presence of a UFO by an orange glow, which he could only see vaguely through the fog and rain that had saturated the forest in Ajusco Park. By climbing the valley walls, he was able to position himself 45 meters from the object. 

Diaz watched the UFO hover above him, emitting bright orange light.

It was, he said, dome-shaped with a smooth ring in the center. This one, Diaz said, was covered with a series of half spheres, each about a meter in diameter. Crouching behind some rocks, Diaz thought his actions went unnoticed, but as he continued to watch the UFO, he felt someone grab his shoulder from behind.

Diaz passed out immediately, and when he woke up, it was dark and the UFO was gone. He was shocked to discover that, despite the heavy rain, his clothes were completely dry. At that point, he knew that something strange had happened to him. When he got back to the car, Diaz noticed another car parked in front of him.

At that point, Diaz said, a fair-haired humanoid entity approached him and told him that if he wanted to know more about what he had just experienced, he should return to the same place at noon the next day. Apparently, when Diaz returned the next day, he discovered the same entity sitting on the grass.

Diaz stated that the being then turned to him and explained that it was he who grabbed his shoulder the day before. Before leaving, the being also told Diaz that he had come from inside the spaceship and that Diaz would gradually recover his memory of what had happened while he was unconscious. Certainly, in the coming months, Diaz's memory came back, piece by piece.

According to his account, he recalled that the ship hovered directly over his head. When trying to touch the UFO, his hand seemed to pass through the yellow light and he seemed to merge with it. The next thing he remembered was seeing the UFO parked on a platform inside a giant cave.

Diaz was amazed when he remembered what he had seen inside: 

"It was full of stalagmites, some of which were sculpted in what looked like Mayan sculptures," he said.

"I saw many people in the cave, some of whom waved at me and, in shock, I waved back."

Apparently, the being that Diaz found in the park took him to a smaller cave that contained seven shiny orb-shaped eggs, one of which Diaz was invited into. Upon entering, Diaz initially saw only the yellow light.

But then he found himself surrounded by the image of a forest.

"I could see all the details of the forest as if I were walking through it," said Diaz. I couldn't touch anything, but I could feel the temperature and humidity. "I could see and experience everything, but it wasn't physically there."

His guide then told him that the orbs were also a system for storing information and that certain data was transmitted to him. Diaz was then returned to the park.


According to Diaz, this was only the first in a series of contacts with the same beings, which continued afterwards. Since 1981, Diaz has stated that his experience inside orbits has allowed him to "travel" to different regions of the Earth's ecosystem - forest, desert, jungle, coast and even areas of the Arctic - with his extraterrestrial contact.

Through this contact, Diaz claims to have been imbued with the awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and the need to preserve our environment.

For many ufologists, especially those who have had their "fingers burned" by allegedly contacted earlier, these claims may seem far-fetched. However, Diaz is seen by many researchers as a highly reliable source, not just because of the strong body of photographic evidence he has gathered to support his claims.

Ufologists from around the world say the photographs are among the most impressive and original in Ufology.

Jaime Maussan, a Mexican ufologist, took the photos to Jim Dilettoso, an image processing expert at Village Labs in Tucson, Arizona, who concluded that they were genuine. After making sure he was not dealing with a scammer, Maussan visited Diaz at his home in Tepoztlan, Mexico. There, he spoke to several other witnesses who claimed to have seen exactly the same type of UFO.

The apparent credibility of Diaz's case also attracted UFO researchers from further afield, who tried to gather insights into the alien agenda of Diaz's contact allegations. German author Michael Hesemann, who interviewed Diaz for the first time in June 1994, is convinced of the credibility of his story.

The expert analysis of Carlos Diaz's UFO photos was extremely thorough. Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan gave Professor Victor Quesada of the Polytechnic Institute of the University of Mexico the original negatives for examination.

Quesada said: 

‘We were shocked to discover that the light spectrum of the object was unlike anything we’ve seen, it broke all the previous parameters and didn’t correspond to anything in our databases. The light was extraordinarily intense. There was no evidence of overlap or fraud. We estimate that the object is about 30 to 50 meters in diameter. "Interestingly, the photos were also analyzed by Dr. Robert Nathan at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. 

Nathan, a notorious UFO skeptic, said he couldn't find any evidence of a scam.

Certainly, for many who have examined the three images, the first photo is the most impressive. In it, the bright orange UFO can be seen through the car's windshield, and the object's light is reflected both on the car's hood and on the metal protective grille beside the road. These, in particular, are details that experts say are extremely difficult to falsify.

There is also a video of this UFO.

Note that, at the time, there were no photoshop or video editing software as they exist today, to falsify this type of UFOs.

Sílvio Guerrinha

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