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Roswell Delirium, movie


Roswell delirium

I watched a trailer for a wonderful UFO film, "Roswell Delirium", which is about to premiere.

The film features well-known stars from the 80s.

It was produced by Richard Bakewell, an award-winning cinematographer who founded the company Lightforce Pictures.


During the 1980s, the US is hit by a wave of nuclear attacks, and in the aftermath, those who remain pretend that everything is normal, even though they all suffer radiation poisoning. A young girl named Mayday tries to make contact through a series of ham radios with her father, who is in space on a space shuttle mission. 

Instead of making contact, she receives an intergalactic distress call from space that takes her on a journey to Spacerock, the land where Area 51 once stood. She is exposed to severe levels of radiation and within days all of her organs are destroyed start to fail. 

Knowing that medical treatment will not help her mother, Wendy brings her back to Spacerock to hand her over to the aliens in hopes that they can save her.


Myths of the Creation of the Universe


universe creation myths







Beautiful myths about the creation of the Universe, from different cultures

Hindu Myth:
Brahma emerged from the void. With the power of thought alone, he created the waters in which he deposited his semen. Which turned into a golden egg, from which he was born.
Again by thought, Brahma divided the egg into two, and the halves became heaven and earth. Brahma grew alone and divided into two to form man and woman. In a variant of the legend, Brahma repeatedly splits himself in two until all living beings in the world are created from his body. In another version, the first man and woman reproduce in different animal forms until all life forms are created.
Together, Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver) and Shiva (the Destroyer) make up the Supreme. Every universe that Brahma creates is destroyed by Shiva, after which there is nothing but a vast ocean in which Vishnu floats, supported by a great snake. In some versions of the myth, Brahma does not emerge from an egg, but from a lotus flower that sprouts from Vishnu's navel. 

Eventually, our world will also be destroyed by Shiva, restarting the cycle.
Interestingly, in Egyptian mythology, there are also references to primordial waters in the universe, symbolized by the goddess Nun. In Sumerian mythology, Tiamat represents chaos and primordial waters. A further parallel can be seen in Chinese mythology, where a cosmic egg also gave rise to heaven and earth.

Chinese Myth:
The first living being, P'an Ku, grew over 18 thousand years inside a cosmic egg. When it finally hatched, the shell above it formed the sky, while the shell below became the earth. Natural opposites were separated, such as male and female, wet and dry, light and dark, yin and yang, among others. After this monumental process, P'an Ku literally fell apart, and its features gave rise to the natural world.
His limbs became mountains, his blood became rivers, his breath became wind, his voice became thunder, his hair became grass, his sweat became rain, and so on. His left eye became the sun and his right eye became the moon.

Navajo tribe myth
The Navajo Native American tribe has one of the longest and most complex creation stories in the world. It starts in the first world, called the Black World. This world contained four clouds, including a black one, representing the female substance, and a white one, representing the male sex.
Uniting, they gave rise to the First Man, representing dawn and life, and the First Woman, symbolizing darkness and death. Other beings in the Black World included the Great Coyote (who was conceived from an egg), the First Brave, and various insects.
The Black World became very populated, however, so everyone went up to the Blue World of birds. There, they lived in harmony for 23 days, until someone tried to sleep with Chief Andorinha's wife.
Exiled to the Yellow World of mammals, they found six mountains where sacred people resided. 

These holy people were immortal, traveling through the rainbow. In that place, the First Woman gave birth to two hermaphrodites. Four days later, she gave birth to another set of twins, a male and a female. At the end of 20 days, five pairs of twins had been born. One day, Big Coyote stole the Water Monster's baby, enraging him to the point of unleashing a rain that turned the waters into a flood that overcame the mountains.
In what must have been the slowest flood ever, the First Man planted several trees and a cane field in succession, none of which grew above the water level. Finally, a sugar cane field reached the heavens. People climbed that elevation and found the fourth world, the White World, which is the world we all inhabit today.
Interestingly, in Sumerian mythology, in the Enuma Elish myth, they also mention a flood, and it is notable that the biblical narrative of the Christian flood is only recorded thousands of years later.

Egyptian Myth:
Egyptian religion is very complex due to the existence of more than 2000 gods (we only know the main ten or twelve, and the names they gave them to the Greeks). Furthermore, the complexity is accentuated by the presence of different myths depending on the region of Egypt.
Different myths attribute creation to different gods: the group of eight primordial gods was called Ógdoad. Also depending on the region, different trinities were worshiped.
I will mention the best known: Osiris (father), Isis (mother) and their son Horus.
First there was a primordial ocean, in the cosmos, it was Nun.
The beginning of the cosmos was marked by a primordial ocean called Nun. From this ocean arose a mountain that gave rise to the divinity Atum, often appearing as Ra. Atum is considered one of the aspects of the sun god Ra, and is occasionally referred to as Atum-Ra.

Ra, the Egyptian sun god, gave rise to the first gods emanating from his own essence. Thus, Shu, god of aridity and air, and his consort Tefnut, goddess of humidity, emerged, together forming the atmosphere. This divine pair, in turn, gave rise to other gods fundamental to the complete formation of the cosmos: Geb, the god of Earth, and Nut, the goddess of Heaven, culminating in the formation of the world.
Then, Earth and Heaven generated the Principles of Life, composed of the gods Osiris, the perfect being who would eventually rule the rest of the world, Isis (mother of all pharaohs), Set (god of storms, chaos and war ) and Nephthys (commonly represented as the lady of the home and protector of the dead).
As for the origin of humanity, as narrated by myth, human beings emerged from the tears of Ra, thus populating the world. It is worth mentioning that other myths attribute creation to different gods, such as Ptah or the god Khnum.

Dogon Myth:
The Dogon people are an indigenous tribe living in Mali, believed to be descended from the Egyptians. The Dogon became known for sharing legends about the constellation Orion and the star Sirius (when telescopes didn't even exist yet).
Their origin stories begin with Amma, the god who existed before time. Amma was alone, so he created the Earth, sometimes called “world egg” or “original placenta”. The Earth exists in infinite space and contains a blueprint for all creation. Amma married Terra, who later gave birth to Ogo and a pair of androgynous fish-shaped twins named Nommo.
Ogo, not having a partner or twin, committed incest with Earth, resulting in the first menstrual blood and the manifestation of the spirits of the underworld. Amma, to correct the imbalances caused by this act, transformed Ogo into a jackal. The blood that flowed from the Earth transformed into various celestial entities, plants and animals.
Amma then created the stars by throwing pieces of earth into space. Using two clay bowls, one with red copper and the other with white copper, he formed the sun and the moon. 

It is said that black humans were born in sunlight, while white humans were born in moonlight.

I must point out that the Nommo are equivalent to the Anunnaki beings described by the Sumerians or the Neteru gods mentioned by the Egyptians.
The god Amma was possibly inspired by the name of the Egyptian god Ammon.

Sílvio Guerrinha


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Merry Christmas


The Universe never ceases to surprise us.

We know eye-shaped nebulae (Helix Nebula), "hand of god" shape and other beautiful shapes, now NASA reveals a "Christmas Tree" nebula, whose technical astronomical name is the cluster NGC 2264.

This collection of stars and gas is between one and five million years old.

NGC 2264 is, in fact, a cluster of young stars - aged between one and five million years - in our Milky Way Galaxy, around 2500 light-years from Earth. The stars in NGC 2264 are both smaller and larger than the Sun, ranging from some with less than a tenth of the Sun's mass to others with around seven solar masses.

This new composite image highlights the resemblance to a Christmas tree through color choices and rotation. The blue and white lights (blinking in the animated version of this image) are young stars emitting x-rays detected by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Optical data from the National Science Foundation's 0.9-meter WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak shows the gas in the nebula in green, corresponding to the tree's "pine needles," and infrared data from the Two Micron All Sky Survey shows the top stars. and background in white.


The Betz sphere mystery


the Betz sphere

There are still mysteries that haven't been explained, especially when it comes to UFOs.

In 1974, the Betz family found a strange sphere near their property. This case became known as the "Betz sphere." The sphere was also known as an 'Odd ball.''

At first glance, you might think it's some kind of space junk, a part of a satellite, or something like that. Nonetheless, this particular sphere displayed peculiar behaviors. The device emitted an internal vibration and occasionally exhibited autonomous movement.

The family comprised Mr. Antoine Betz, a Marine Engineer, his wife Gerri Betz, their 12-year-old son Wayne Betz, and their 21-year-old son Terry Mathew Betz, a medical student.

On April 6, 1974, they set out to investigate the damage caused by a fire that spread across an 88-hectare area of woodland on Fort George Island, east of Jacksonville, Florida.

When they searched for the cause of the fire, they found a metallic sphere of approximately 20 cm in diameter. Finding the object curious, they took it home. This sphere looked shiny and didn't look like it had been burned.

The sphere stayed in the room of Terry Betz for two weeks. One day his friend Theresa Fraser went to visit him, they were both in the room, when Terry started playing the guitar the sphere reacted and started to vibrate.

The sphere also hummed, like it was responding to the sound of the guitar.

A few days later, the Betz family attempted to roll the sphere on the ground, but it seemed to change direction when it wanted to, or return to the point of origin.

The Betz kept trying to figure out what else the sphere could do. They found out:

When a metal object, like a hammer, touched the mysterious sphere, it made the sphere sound like a bell. It was more active on sunny days.                                                                    

On cloudy days it was quiet.

One of the spheres moves was to rise in the opposite direction from what it should have been when it was on a flat table that was tilted. It appeared as though the sphere was attempting to avoid the fall.It exhibited a low frequency vibration at times.

It looked like a mini-engine was running inside.

The sphere began to jump and walk on its own, as well as closing the doors of the house without any explanation and making a sound similar to that of an organ being heard throughout the house. They decided to go to the press to see if they got any feedback.

A space junk would not be able to do that.

The first newspaper to publish an article was the St. Petersburg Times, April 12, 1974. A week after the discovery of the sphere. In the article, the photographer of the Jacksonville Journal, Mr. Lou Egner says he was skeptical, but when the Betz showed the ball going by itself, he changed his mind.

In the news it was also possible to read about the "paranormal phenomena" that began to occur and that the family asked the US Navy for help, which responded saying that "the ball was not property of the United States government".

After that report, several newspapers went to the Betz home on Fort George Island to see the sphere. All witnessed strange phenomena produced by the sphere.

Everyone began to pester the Betz family.

The original report from St. Petersburg Times, published on 4/12/1974


First investigation: Naval Air Station Jacksonville

In addition to newspapers, the scientific community as well as the military wanted to get a good look at the sphere. But they wisely did not send the sphere to anyone, for fear it would get lost on the way.

After the phenomena intensified in the house, the Betz and the US Navy finally gave in and the sphere was left by the Betz with scientists at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, near his house. The phenomenon was studied for a long time by the Navy's most advanced specialists in metallurgy. However, they were not satisfied, as even the most advanced X-ray equipment was not strong enough to penetrate the metal sphere.

Navy spokesman Chris Berninger reported the following:

“The initial attempts at X-ray imaging failed to yield any conclusive results. We will use a more powerful machine on it and also do spectrographic tests to find out what metal it is made of."

They were unable to observe inside the sphere, but at least dimensionally, the studies continued. Scientists were able to determine that:

Metal cover made with an ASTM magnetic alloy, called 431 martensitic stainless steel. This cover has a thickness of 12.7 mm (about 1/2 of an inch)

Diameter: 202.2 millimeters = approximately 20 centimeters (7.96 inches). Weight 9.68 kg (21.34 lbs). It had a 3 mm triangular mark.

A powerful Navy X-ray machine was used, and finally penetrated the interior of the sphere, proving that:

There were two round objects there, surrounded by a “halo”, made of a material with an unusual density.

There were four different magnetic poles in the sphere, two positive and two negative, which were not concentric. It showed no signs of radioactivity. There was nothing to indicate any explosive danger. There were no detonators, welds or visible marks.

But they wanted to know how it would have been built, and for that, it was necessary to saw it, something not allowed by the Betz, who took the sphere back and took it to the house again.

2nd Investigation: "Omega Minus One Institute"

On April 13, 1974, Dr. Carl Willson, representing a Louisiana research company known as the Omega Minus One Institute, based in Baton Rouge, examined the sphere for over 6 hours and made new discoveries:

The surrounding magnetic field produced radio waves. When compared to stainless steel, the spheres plating metal had an unknown element that made it different from steel.

The results of the Omega Minus One Institute on the identity of the mysterious sphere did not advance much in the mystery, just like the Navy exams.

3rd Investigation: Meeting of the National Enquirer's UFO Blue Ribbon Panel in New Orleans.

Between April 20 and 21, 1974, the National Enquirers UFO Blue Ribbon Panel met, and Terry Betz took the sphere there in the hope that scientists would make new discoveries.

The sphere seemed to be the center of attention, and the object was put through another series of tests. All the tests showed what they had already shown, including the fact that the object did indeed look like an audio transponder. However, it wasn't possible to tell for sure if that object was of extraterrestrial origin or what it should be used for or who made or how it was made, or who made or how it was made.

4th Investigation: Dr. James Albert Harder

James Albert Harder, professor emeritus of civil and hydraulic engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, was allowed to analyze the sphere. The family was very concerned when his research findings were presented at the International UFO Congress in Chicago on June 24, 1974.

The two inner spheres would be composed of an element that was significantly heavier than any known to human science at that time. And that included the heaviest element produced in any atomic reactor on Earth, uranium 238. 

"If anyone tries to pierce the sphere, it could explode like an atomic bomb!" 

Dr. Harder told the audience.

The Betz and the orb disappear.

From the revelation made by Dr. Harder, the Betz fearfully vanished, and as mysteriously as it appeared, the story surrounding the sphere vanished without a trace.

Nobody ever found out what the sphere was, who had made it or how, much less what it was used for or how it operated. Hundreds of people had already seen, held, photographed, shaken, balanced, beaten, weighed, measured, analyzed the surface with microscopes, with x-rays, with ultrasound probes... But there was no scientist capable of clarifying that mystery.

The disinformation campaign began.

Two subjects appeared claiming to be the owners of the sphere (two independent stories, the subjects did not know each other). A plastic artist, James Durling Jones, claimed that the sphere was his, and served as a "pendulum" with other steel spheres, in a sculpture of his.

During transport, one of the spheres fell from the roof of his car, an old Volkswagen. It would be this sphere that the Betz family found in the middle of the burnt forest.

The mysterious properties of the sphere would be a curious set of coincidences and misunderstandings. The sphere would have vibrated by resonance. The mysteriously rolling on the ground was attributed to the uneven floor of the Betz family home and the sounds of the sphere would come from small filings trapped inside it, which were trapped during the manufacturing process.

But there are things that don't add up to this misinformation story. James said that all of his spheres had been drilled and then soldered, but examinations of the Betz sphere did not indicate any soldering or surface perforation. It declined to name the company that manufactured the spheres, which could have solved the whole thing in one fell swoop, as it said they got it through "illegal activities".

If the sphere had "chips" inside, it would be unlikely that they would vibrate with the sound of the guitar in the distance. And how did the doors at the Betz house close by themselves? How did the Navy's x-ray fail to see the inside of the sphere in the first exam?

On April 18, 1974, a second individual, Lottie Robinson, recognized the ball from newspaper images. He said that ball had been in her garage for 15 years. Technicians at the St. Regis identified it as a ball valve from some large pipe used in their factory, which had been dismantled 15 years earlier. 

Somehow the ball had ended up in the hands of a scrap metal dealer his son bought it from and dumped in his garage. In fact, investigations showed that the paper mill used similar metal spheres, but the dimensions, despite being similar, were neither identical nor in weight to the Betz sphere.

Malicious news appeared in the press, saying that the Betz wanted to compete for a prize and earn money with the sphere.

However, an investor wanted to offer them $75,000 for it, but they refused to sell.

What happened to the Betz?

They disappeared suddenly. They were more successful and suddenly disappeared! It is known that Antoine Betz died in December 1987 at the age of 67. Terry Betz appears to have remarried and is now called Gerri Betz-Jackson. Her last news is from 1999.

Of the sphere, nothing else is known.

In fact, spheres have already fallen from the sky, they are parts of satellites.

However, these spheres have dents, or oxidize over time. The Betz sphere showed no wear.

Space spheres (space junk) are metal spheres that don't move by themselves, or emit radio frequencies, or do anything the Betz sphere did.

Silvio Guerrinha 


Hypnotic (2023) really good









I recommend watching the movie “Hypnotic” (2023) with Ben Affleck, it's phenomenal. It's one of those fiction thrillers that mess with your mind, make you use your brain and surprise you from the first to the last minute.

In the film Ben Affleck plays the role of a detective Danny Rourke, who undergoes hypnotherapy sessions to be able to withstand the trauma of having lost his daughter (she was kidnapped), but in the development of the plot of the film we discover that there is a conspiracy behind it. There is a villain Lev Dellrayne, who is a hypnotic (can influence people's minds from a distance, but is not hypnotic in the ordinary sense, more like a psychic) and he was part of a secret government (probably CIA) project with psychics who control people's minds.

Then he rebelled and took control of that program. Brazilian actress Alice Braga plays “Diana” a psychic too, who helps him escape the villain (I won't reveal details of the ending). In some ways the film is reminiscent of “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio, as there are scenes in which they see buildings curving in the sky, an illusion, “Diana” tells Rourke “None of this is real”, as he was watching hypnotic constructs.









In another scene it reminds me of the movie Matrix 1, as Rourke discovers that he also has psychic powers and manages to control the minds of the agents, who point the gun at the villain. At that moment Rourke realizes that he has psychic powers superior to those of Lev Dellrayne.








The movie, obviously is science fiction and has hype and entertainment, but it has some small points of truth: The CIA had several mind and psychic control projects (Remote Viewing, ScanGate, MK Ultra, and others).

All the scenes in which Rourke (Ben Affleck) is inside a construct (simulation) the simulation was inside his mind (because he was in subconscious mode, hypnotized inside the Division facilities), but he walked through those facilities in somnambulistic mode… Such facilities had to have some physical scenarios, to serve as a basis for the rest of the simulation. Because for our mind to believe in the simulation it sees, it has to “grab” to something tangible, that is real (in this case it is the scenario, the construct). And all the agents repeated “key words” (triggers, triggers) to him during these exercises. The film has real elements of hypnotism techniques.

Another curious detail is that in all the films I see where there is mind control, or simulations, there are agents dressed in red, or a woman in red.

In "Inception" the young Ariadne (Ellen Page) in most of the escape scenes had a red coat.





In the “Matrix” there is a woman in red, in the crowd, who are a simulation.







In the movie "Don't Worry Darling" the agents who try to prevent the actress Florence Pugh (Alice) from leaving that prison village "Victory", are in red.






In the movie “Hypnotic” the Secret Division agents wear red coats.






There's a pattern here, in a lot of movies, full of symbolism.


Laser lights over Hawaii


green lasers Hawaii

Matrix code, green laser lights in the sky over Hawaii. Do we live in a Simulation?

On January 28, a camera on a telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest peak, photographed what appeared to be a curtain of green lasers floating across the island’s night sky.

Researchers initially said that the topographic laser caused the light show on NASA's ICESAT-2 satellite, which is used to monitor sea ice and forests.

However, NOAJ updated its YouTube description to say that NASA's satellite wasn't the source of the lasers over Hawaii. A Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite launched a year ago was identified as the most likely candidate in the updated video.” 

Interesting, isn't it?


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all readers, and friends. Let's hope that 2023, despite the estimates, will be easy for us to pass...

merry christmas



A.I created 40,000 chemical weapons


A.I biological weapons

Evil-oriented human intelligence and A.I can destroy humanity.

Take note: during a conference on unconventional weapons, researchers from the company “Collaboration Pharmaceuticals” showed an experiment where artificial intelligence machine learning technology created formulas for 40,000 biological weapons.

The experience was intended to show what A.I would be capable of and also to show that this resource, in the hands of dangerous groups and without supervision, would be treacherous.

In an interview given to "The Verge", Fabio Urbina, the study's primary author, spoke about how A.I managed to invent thousands of new substances - some frighteningly similar to the VX agent, an extremely powerful gas that attacks the nervous system of victims.

He explained that the study is a sort of “180° turn” from his normal work. On a daily basis, the scientist is tasked with researching machine learning models to discover new drugs and treatments.

However, it also involves implementing “evil” A.I models to ensure that any medication developed from their work does not have any toxic effects.

“For example”, he said, “imagine that you discover a wonderful pill that controls high blood pressure. But she does this by blocking some important channel connected to her heart. So this drug is automatically discarded because it is considered high risk.”.

The research was carried out at the invitation of the organization of the "Convergence" conference, held in Switzerland, and they asked that very technical information be kept secret for security reasons. What he told, however, traces an interesting procedural timeline:

“Basically, we have several historical databases on molecules tested for their toxicity or lack thereof,” Urbina said. "For this experiment, we focused on the molecular makeup of Agent VX, which acts as an inhibitor of something called 'Acetylcholinesterase'."

Acetylcholinesterase is, roughly speaking, an enzyme that acts in the transmission of information from the nervous system. When your brain gives an order, say, to bend your arm, this enzyme is what carries that command from point A to point B.

"The mortality of the VX lies in the fact that it prevents these commands from getting to where they are supposed to be if the order is anything muscle-related."

[VX] can stop your diaphragm or lung muscles, and your breathing literally stops and you suffocate.”

Based on this, Fabio Urbina and his team created a machine learning model that, roughly speaking, analyzed these databases, identified which parts of a molecule are toxic or not, and “learn” to glue molecules together, suggesting the creation of new chemical agents – this process uses an A.I either for good (the creation of new medicines) or for evil (the creation of chemical weapons and biological warfare agents).

So the team of scientists basically tweaked the A.I ​​to act like an “evil genius” and saw what it would do:

“We didn't know very well what would come out, since our capacity for generating models is formed by new technologies, that are not yet widely used”, explained Urbina.

“The first surprise was that many of the suggested compounds were far more toxic than VX, and that comes as a surprise because VX is one of the most toxic compounds out there, you need a very, very small dose to be lethal.”

A side note here: according to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) page, VX is not “one of” the most lethal, but rather “the most” lethal of nerve agents.

The scientist explains that the models generated by the A.I ​​correspond to chemical weapons that have not been verified by the human hand – obviously, let’s face it – but normally these suggestions made by machine learning are quite solid. In other words, the error rate is low, and, given this perception, the application of this technology for the creation of lethal biological weapons is quite feasible.

The complete interview on the website "The Verge", gives other details, such as, for example, the fact that the machine learning model learned to create already known toxic compounds without ever having seen them in the database. Or yet, how this molecular model generation technology is so easily accessible that a simple Google search already puts anyone on the right path to program something like that (unfortunately).

Source: The Verge


Science- Our brain does quantum computing


brain quantum computing

Scientists prove the brain does quantum computing. 

Incredible, something we suspected some time ago now has scientific evidence. Irish scientists think they have shown that the human brain works at the particle and quasiparticle level by using quantum phenomena.

Christian Kerskens and David Pérez of Trinity College Dublin found inspiration in studies and equations in quantum gravity theory. When studying quantum gravity, they embedded natural sensors in two diamonds, known as "nitrogen vacancies," which are also used as qubits for quantum computers. 

A vacancy arises when a carbon atom in the diamond is replaced by a nitrogen atom, which requires an extra electron. It is this electron that works as a quantum sensor by being in a spin-up and spin-down superposition. So instead of an extra electron, they used the same tools and methods to study the human brain. 

"For our experiments, we used 'brain water' proton spins as the known system. "Brain water" naturally accumulates as fluid in our brains and the spins of the protons [hydrogen nuclei] can be measured using imaging by So, using a specific MRI design to look for entangled spins, we discovered MRI signals that resemble the evoked potentials of the heartbeat, a form of EEG [electroencephalography] signals," the researcher details. 

Electrophysiological potentials, such as the evoked potentials of heartbeats, are not normally detectable with MRI, leading the two physicists to believe that they could only observe them because the nuclear proton spins in the brain were entangled.

"If entanglement is the only possible explanation here, it would mean that brain processes must have interacted with the nuclear spins, mediating the entanglement between the nuclear spins. As a result, we can deduce that these brain functions must be quantum. 

"As these brain functions have also been correlated with short-term memory performance and consciousness, it is likely that these quantum processes are an important part of our cognitive and conscious brain functions," Kerskens said.

In addition to the Irish scientists, there is also the American project "QuBrain" (Quantum Brain Project), led by Professor Matthew Fisher, from the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA. The project had an investment of millions.


Article: Experimental indications of non-classical brain functions

Authors: Christian Matthias Kerskens, David López Pérez

Magazine: Journal of Physics Communications

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Moonfall movie



If you like sci-fi movies, check out "Moonfall".  Reality by Roland Emmerich, the same director of "Independence Day", "2012" and "The Day After Tomorrow". 

There are even identical apocalyptic scenes (the tsunami, debris falling from the sky). 

 The film goes against several conspiracy theories, such as the moon being hollow and artificial, created by extraterrestrials (David Icke often divulges this theory in his books) and the ancestral gods who created us through the DNA sky (it is an indirect allusion to the Anunnaki) .



Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, to all readers.

Happy New Year (we hope it's better)...


Holographic Reality - Book

Holographic Reality- Silvio guerrinha


I published a new book: "Holographic Reality- Do we live in a Simulation?", 230 pages, five years of research. The Matrix, alternate realities and parallel selves, quantum physics and retrocausality, the archonts of Gnosis, déjà-vu and the Mandela Effect, exiting the Matrix, mind upload and digital immortality, among more.

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