Universe could be made of Information

What is the universe made of? Matter?
Dark matter, energy, vibrations?

According to physicist Vlatko Vedral, our universe is made up of information.

According to this, if we break the universe into smaller and smaller pieces what would be left in the end would be bits. Yes, these bits of information similar to those of the computer.

A bit is the smallest piece of information, representing the distinction between two binary possibilities (yes or no, true or false, zero or one, and on).
The word bit refers to the physical information storage unit of your computer, a bit is registered by a tiny magnet on one of the poles of your memory drive.
At this tiny scale, the universe would be controlled by the laws of quantum physics.
Quantum supercomputers that can read qbits, that is, quantum bits, can understand information using quantum laws.

That is, while a bit can say yes or no, a qbit can say yes and no at the same time. That's why quantum computers can solve problems that normal computers don't understand.
In his book Vlatko argues that we should view the universe as a huge quantum computer. It may seem like something from beyond, but he has the scientific basis to state it.

Physics shows that electrons can store bits of information. So scientists now focus on trying to figure out how the universe translates this recorded information on such a small scale.

Source: New Scientist
Unfortunately, as large websites delete old links, the link is no longer available.

Alternative sources of information: Space.com, Big Think.

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