Quantum Entanglement

When talking about quantum physics, it is common to hear the term quantum entanglement, or quantum entanglement. Which is?

It is a phenomenon of quantum mechanics that allows two or more objects (or particles, etc.) to be somehow so closely linked that an object cannot be correctly described without its counterpart being mentioned - even though the objects may be spatially separated by million light years. Two particles in quantum entanglement become one entity.

Einstein called it Spooky action at distance.

This phenomenon is not merely theoretical, it is real and proven in the laboratory. In fact, quantum entanglement is the basis of new technologies such as quantum computing, quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation experiments of particles have already been done.

So after this little explanation, let's move on to the spiritual part.
Why is the concept of quantum entanglement so much used in spirituality websites and books?
If two particles or more, like objects, can be energetically linked at a distance, so can we humans. Thus various phenomena can be explained by quantum entanglement.

Distance healing actions (Reiki, pranic healing, magnified healing and other systems).
Rituals of magic and spells (remote action, intertwining between magician and target person).
When a person's object (which contains that person's energy or DNA) or strands of hair is used in a spell, there is a remote energy connection to that person. The basis of this is quantum entanglement as well.

Telepathy (distant communication between two minds, in resonance).

Projection of consciousness (variants: vision, remote, projectiology, astral travel).

Silvio Guerrinha

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