Paranormal Phenomena

Parapsychology is the science that studies paranormal phenomena, but also Metaphysics and Spiritism study and explain these phenomena.

Here is a brief list of some paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal photographs: When figures appear, strange entities in a photograph, but the photographer at the time of shooting did not see anything strange.

Spectral apparitions. Figures, or shadow people.

Poltergeist, spiritual possessions.

Paranormal lights (such as calf lights, marfa lights etc).
Haunted houses.
Spontaneous Human  Combustion.

Raps: Strange sounds of paranormal origin. Also called toribism. In Spiritism, when spirits communicate by sounds or clicks on furniture, floor, etc., this contact is called Sematology.

Bermuda Triangle:

Despite many theories (magnetic vortex, temporal vortex, UFO activity) this area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle still involves mysteries without apparent explanation.

Notice, I consider paranormal phenomena those that imply the intervention of supernatural entities. Therefore I did not mention parapsychic phenomena such as psychokinesis, telepathy, because these are phenomena caused by the extraphysical faculties of the human being and belong to the branch of parapsychology. Some authors mix everything and call telepathy and clairvoyance paranormal phenomena.

Some people wrongly categorize crop circles as a paranormal phenomenon, I prefer to include this in the Ufology branch, linked to extraterrestrials. This depends on whether or not we consider extraterrestrial beings to be paranormal. In fact, they come out of our normal range, some may be interdimensional.

Silvio Guerrinha


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