UFO'S: Solid evidence

For the most skeptics, who still doubt the existence of UFOs, I leave below some reliable sources of information.
The CIA and FBI under the FOIA Freedom of Information Act were required to disclose various UFO reporting documents and investigations.

Finally, I leave quotes from former presidents, physicists and reputable astronauts.

CIA Link:



Some Quotes:

"I have long been convinced that UFOs are interplanetary devices. One thing is certain: we are observed by beings from space."
 (Albert M. Chop, Deputy Director of NASA Public Relations, former USAF press, in charge of information on Pentagon UFOs).
January 1965 statements for True Magazine. He was also press spokesman for the Blue Book project.

"It is my contention that UFOs are real, and that they are spaceships from another solar system. I think they are possibly manned by intelligent observers, members of a race that may have been investigating Earth for centuries ..."
(Dr Hermann Oberth, a German scientist, in an October 1954 press article for The American Weekly magazine)

"I can assure you that UFOs, once they exist, are not built by any earthly power."
(Harry S. Truman, Former US President, at a Press Conference on April 4, 1950)

"Multiple astronomers know that UFOs are interplanetary spaceships. I think they come from a different solar system and use Mars as a base. The government knows what UFOs are, but is afraid to reveal the facts and cause social panic."
(Prof. Frank Halstead, astronomer administrator of Darling Observatory in Duluth Minnesota).

"Flying saucers actually exist"
(Barry Goldwater, US Republican Senator, Colonel in the USAF Reserve).

"The flying saucers are of extraterrestrial origin. Neither the Americans nor the Russians would be able to build such engines. The characteristics of these saucers are clearly superior to the current possibilities of science."
(Pierre Closterman, pilot of the Normandie-Niémen squadron).

"I am convinced that these objects exist. The existence of these spaceships is evident and I have accepted them. I think there are people on other planets acting through UFOs."
(Air chief Marshal Lord Dowding, R.A.F).

Many Russian and American astronauts claim to have seen UFOs in space on their missions.
These are the cases of Edwin Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, Neil Armstrong, Catherine Coleman, Dick Slayton among others.

Among the reports, Neil Armstrong's impresses: “The ships were huge ... We couldn't believe it. We were warned to move away, ”the astronaut would have declared. Later Armstrong himself returned to the subject: “I can't go into detail except to say that these ships were far superior to ours, both in size and in technology. They were big and threatening. ” THE

April 1979:
Russian astronaut Victor Afanasyev saw a UFO heading towards his ship shortly after launch. “The object was 40 m long, wide on one side and narrow on the other, with internal openings. Some parts had projections like little wings, but it remained very close to us. We photographed it and found it was about 25 meters away. ”

March 14, 84:
James Buchli, Space Shuttle STS-29 on-board doctor warns in surprise to ground control: “Houston, this is Discovery. We have an alien spaceship under observation. ”

October 21, 1995:
In the Space Shuttle STS-73 mission, astronaut Catherine Coleman informed the Houston ground base that they were facing "a large unidentified flying object."

Former NASA contributor Bob Oeschler said many of the videos taken during space missions were previously censored before the public presentation.

Maurice Chatelain, head of NASA's communications system, confirmed that astronaut Neil Armstrong has indeed reported seeing two UFOs in a crater. "All flights from the Apollo and Gemini missions were followed, near and far, by ships of extraterrestrial origin." According to Chatelain, after the astronauts reported the facts to mission control, they received orders of absolute silence.

Some governments that officially admit the existence of UFOs and have already revealed official documents:

U.S. (The Government does not officially admit the UFOs, but the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the Navy have revealed documents and videos).


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