Ufo Incidents

Thomas F. Mantell Case:

On January 7, 1948, Kentucky was patrolling as it began to receive calls that there was a huge object about 91 meters across, flying over Maysville and slowly moving west. The state patrol reported the sighting. Eyewitnesses near the military base watched the object move slowly across the sky. After an hour and a half, the base sent four F-51D Mustangs, led by Captain Thomas F. Mantell to investigate. When they reached 6 km altitude, three of the four planes stopped climbing, but Mantell continued. He reached more than 9 km, and soon after, the plane went into a bolt and crashed. An hour later they found the plane smashed and the body of the pilot beheaded. Mantell's clock was stopped at 3:18 pm

The official explanation is that the UFO was a Skyhook weather balloon, but ufologists disagree with that explanation. Someone in the fort or one of the pilots would be able to recognize a weather balloon 4 km away. And Mantell's last broadcast said, "My God, I see people in this thing!" Another official version says that the pilot may have confused Venus (which in the sky resembles a very bright star) with an UFO.

Kinross Incident:

On November 23, 1953, an object appeared on the radar at Kinross Air Base near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Lieutenant Felix Moncla and Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson were sent to investigate. At the base, they watched as their jet approached the UFO, the two bright spots on the radar (plane and UFO) approached and disappeared from the radar.

Both US and Canadian research teams were formed, but no evidence of plane wreckage, men aboard or UFO was found. The Air Force presented two official versions. The first was that Moncla had vertigo and fell into the Lake. They also guessed that the plane crashed when it crashed into a Canadian plane, but the Canadian government denied that. The mystery remains unsolved.

Silvio Guerrinha

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