Alan Godfrey alien Abduction: 1980


alan godfrey abduction Ufo

An extraordinary case happened on November 28, 1980, to a British policeman Alan Godfrey in the city of Todmorden (West Yorkshire, in the northwest of England).

alan godfrey

Agent Alan was called to an incident, some cows missing, on the morning of 28 November. He saw a vehicle approaching, it was close to Burnley Road, it looked like a bus, but when he was closer he saw that vehicle was something more bizarre.

The strange object levitated three and a half feet above the ground, tried to call for backup via radio, but the radio did not work. He took the notebook and drew the object in as much detail as possible.

tordmoden UFO

The spaceship appeared to be 4 meters high and 6 meters in diameter. It turned on itself counterclockwise, it was oval in shape. He saw a huge flash and lost track of time, Alan remembers only waking up in an area several kilometers away.

Later, when they went to see where the UFO was, the vegetation on the ground was dry in that area.

This case was very serious and credible, the policeman was analyzed psychologically and it was found that he did not invent anything, in addition there were more witnesses, police from another base (Halifax) claim to have also seen a strange luminous object descend from the sky, and going towards Todmorden Little.

Alan's boots were very worn and torn on the sole, as if he had been dragged across the floor.

After being subjected to hypnotherapy consultations (to try to remember something about the 15-minute lapse of time) Alan recalled new details.

He was in a room and a man communicated with him telepathically, the individual's name was Yosef, there were more beings (small the size of children) with an oval head, but they looked like humanoids, half cyborgs.

Alan even did some interviews and published a book.

In that year of 1980 there were several UFO incidents in England, a trucker reportedly was also abducted, and a more serious case was that of a Tingley miner: Zigmund Adamski who appeared dead that same year.

His body, found on a pile of coal in Todmorden, had strange burns on the neck and wrists, a type of yellow gel on the burns was a substance that forensic doctors could not identify. The news was published in several newspapers, and the BBC published articles on the case.

Coroner Alan Edwards, during the autopsy, reported that Zigmund's beard had not grown during the five days he was missing, as well as nails, hair and body hair in general. It was as if growth had been halted all this time.

There were no internal injuries or ruptures, nor any damage due to problems of a vascular or cerebral nature. The doctor said: "it was as if the body had just been turned off, naturally".

Ufologists believe the two cases are related.

Zigmund was found dead in June, five months later (November), police officer Alan Godfrey met with a UFO, 2 km away from that Burnley coal mine.

If  you want to see a documentary, in which Alan Godfrey participates, see here:

Part1Part 2.

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