Estefania Gutierrez Possession: 1991


vallecas possession case

In 1991, in Spain - Vallecas (village in Madrid), there was a case of supernatural possession that led to the death of Estefânia Gutierrez Lazaro.

The most intriguing in this case was the testimony of two policemen, in their report it was written the paranormal phenomena they observed in the house.

Two weeks earlier, Estefânia (18 years old) had made a session with friends with the Ouija board and the glass cup mysteriously broke, after that she started having strange symptoms, convulsions, for no apparent reason.

Once the friends saw a small black fog approach Estefânia's face and enter through her nose. Days later she went into catalepsy (she couldn't move or speak).

He never recovered, and died in August 1991.

The autopsy concluded that she died of sudden death, failure of organs such as the heart and lungs.

But this did not stop there, the parents heard strange voices at night calling "mother, mother", some objects in her room and the sheets fell on the floor (even with the room closed and without drafts, without plausible explanations).

Sometimes they heard an evil laugh in the corridor of the house (but it didn't sound like Estefânia's voice, it sounded like an old woman's voice).

Sometimes doors of the house slammed hard, once a frame with Estefânia's photo started to burn spontaneously, even the parents photographed it.

The neighbors say that they sometimes saw a "dark figure" through the window, in Estefânia's room.

Poltergeist phenomena continued to increase, so much so that in November 1992 police inspector Jose Negri was called to the house at 2:40 am.

It was Inspector Negri, two more policemen and an officer José Pedro. They themselves witnessed strange sounds in the house, solid taps on the wall, this was recorded in the report.

«We were with the family, we could hear and see how a perfectly closed cabinet door opened and closed. We checked the door. She moved in an unnatural way. Moments later, we saw how a tablecloth on a telephone table became a stain by a brownish substance, which the Inspector identified as “like goo”. When we checked the rooms of the house, we saw how a wooden crucifix turned upside down and the metal crest on it was pulled out. One of the couple's daughters then placed the cross behind the door on a poster. Then, at the same moment, three “nail marks, scratches on the poster” appeared.»

The agents left the house, a little scared, and there was nothing they could do about it.

The Family tried exorcists, priests, shamans, they were unable to eliminate that evil, they had to sell the house and leave.

This was one of the most interesting and unexplained cases, documented, as there were neutral witnesses (the police) who attested to the veracity of the phenomena, and it was recorded in a report.

Years later (in 2017), Netflix bought the rights of a Spanish film "Verónica" by Paco Shortly, based on this real case from Estefânia. In some countries, it has had different titles as "The possession of Verónica".

Versão em Português


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