Falcon Lake ufo Incident

UFO case Falcon Lake

In ufology there are a lot of interesting reports, but reports are just reports, some without photos or physical evidence.
But on this blog I like to share the most emblematic cases that marked ufology and many of them still have no "official denial", that is, they are still inexplicable.
Some of these cases with evidence (whether objects or photographs of the UFO) that were analyzed in the laboratory and considered to be true evidence.

Examples are UFO photos photographed by Carlos Díaz, in Mexico, or extraterrestrial DNA samples from a hair in the case of Peter Khoury.

I now share another intriguing case, the 1967 Falcon Lake UFO incident (in Canada). Stephen Michalak got burns on his body and clothes, radiation levels were high.
In that place, small pieces of metal were found that contained high levels of radiation, even today the case remains without a plausible explanation.

In the early afternoon, on May 20, 1967, amateur geologist Stephen Michalak was at Lake Falcon, looking for minerals.
He noticed a certain agitation among the geese that were nearby and, looking up, he saw two shiny objects with an oval shape making a quick descent maneuver.

One of the objects landed on a flat rock about 50 meters from where Stephen was, while the other stopped its descent abruptly, hovering in a stationary position next to him. Moments later, this second ship left quickly, changing from red to orange and finally gray before disappearing. The one that landed also changed color - from red to gray, until it became the color of incandescent metal.

Curious, Stephen approached the object carefully and, according to what he reported, the UFO looked like a bowl with a dome on top, and was about 12 meters wide by 4.5 meters high. The ship produced a kind of hum and emitted a sulfur-like odor, and there were openings through which it was possible to hear muffled voices - Stephen could make out at least two - that appeared to be human.

Stephen said that, at first, he thought it was an object of terrestrial origin, and tried to communicate with the ship's occupants in several languages, asking if they needed help. But when he got no answer, he decided to take a peek, poking his head through the door to see if anyone was inside. And nobody inside, just lights. Was it controlled remotely?

At that moment, some panels slid and blocked the door and, trying to get away, Stephen touched the ship - it was so hot that it melted the gloves he was wearing. Suddenly, the UFO took off, releasing superheated air through a grid that functioned as an exhaust system, burning Stephen's hat and causing his shirt to ignite and burn his torso. In addition, the Canadian remembers suffering a severe attack of nausea.

stephen michalak Ufo

This fact set fire to the witness's clothes and left him with first degree burns on his stomach, where the pattern of the ship's grill was burned. A hospital in Winnipeg treated his burns, which later developed into hives. In addition, episodes of dizziness, diarrhea and blackouts lasted for several weeks.

Michalak reported the incident to Canadian and US authorities, eventually completing a physical and mental assessment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. This prestigious clinic determined that the man wasn't lying or hallucinate. A year later, several pieces of twisted metal were recovered from the supposed place where the flying saucer landed. Tests showed that the metal was highly radioactive ... The clothing that the witness wore and soil samples were also analyzed, producing similar results.

It should be noted that the main object of the case left a mark on the land where the vegetation did not grow. This has a diameter of 4 and a half meters and is circular. To date, neither Canada nor the United States authorities have been able to explain the event.

The case was investigated intensively by various levels of government, and the official conclusion, even from the United States Air Force, was that the case had no explanation, noted Rutkowski.

Source CBC News


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