Lonnie Zamora UFO incident


lonnie Zamora UFO

The Lonnie Zamora incident was a UFO encounter that took place on April 24, 1964 in Socorro, New Mexico.

The policeman Lonnie Zamora had an encounter with an extraterrestrial ship, the case is solid because there were other witnesses who saw a similar ship, on the ground there were traces (sand fused in glass, due to high temperatures, landing marks and a burnt bush).

This case had extensive media coverage, the US military investigated, the air force and the FBI (not sure why, but the FBI asked witnesses to never reveal details to anyone).

Policeman Zamora described the ship and made a sketch, it had an oval shape and a strange symbol with an arrow, still questioned if it had been a secret military plane, a flight test of some American lunar module, but all the authorities said "We did not carry out no test "" This flying device is not ours ".

Professor Allen Hynek of the Air Force "Blue Book" project investigated this case, and even tried to deny this case with a "scientific" explanation, concluded that it remained unexplained.

How it all happened:

Officer Lonnie Zamora was on a chase, it was 5:45 pm, heading south from Socorro (New Mexico), but I heard a huge crash and abandoned the chase.

He observed a strange object, oval in shape, looked white, had a red arrow symbol with a curve over it. He saw two small beings (the size of children) on the outer side of the ship.

3D illustration.

The object then took off, went away.

Zamora had called colleagues on the radio, when they arrived at the site they still saw some bushes burning.

There were other witnesses (miles away), indicating that this Ship may have visited other locations.

When Maurice Masse, a farmer in Valensole, France, saw a drawing of the ship Zamora, he was surprised, as it was the same one I had seen in his lavender fields a year later, in July 1965. He also saw the two beings.

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