Flight 169 Vasp and UFO Encounter


flight 169 Vasp and UFO

A famous case was that of flight 169 of VASP (São Paulo air travel, Brazil) in 1982.

The flight was going from Fortaleza to Rio de Janeiro, on February 8, 1982, at 3:00 am, commander Gerson Maciel de Britto, of the Boeing 727, saw a luminous flying object and reported to all 150 passengers that, in good part, they went to the windows to try to see the object. 

According to the commander, the object was seen for the first time around 3 am, when the plane was flying over the state of Bahia, and followed the aircraft until just before landing in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Britto even communicated the fact to the air traffic control operators. However, the radars did not detect any signal near the Vasp plane. Near Belo Horizonte (MG), the radars received a signal eight nautical miles (15 kilometers) to the left of the Boeing 727.

The object was visible through the windows on the left side of the plane and it was a very strong light, which approached and moved away from the plane, changing colors between orange, white, blue and red. The object would also have been seen by an airplane from Aerolíneas Argentinas and another one from TransBrasil, according to the commander of Vasp.

In an interview with "Jornal Nacional" at the time, Commander Britto said he tried to make contact with the UFO.

"I signaled the aircraft's headlights several times, the wing headlights, to see an answer, perhaps, on their part. Only what I could identify as an answer was the very sharp approach of the aircraft to the point that Brasilia's radar detected this object. eight miles from our plane, "he said.

ct Gerson de Britto UFO

Some passengers also claimed to have seen the luminous object during the flight.

"I observed those points very clearly, five points, half pointed and half of a ring or ring. The light was very strong. A light blue, a strange blue, like those mercury lamps," said one passenger, also in an interview with "Jornal Nacional" at the time.

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