Trancas- Argentina Ufo incident: 1963


Trancas UFO case, argentina

The Trancas case, as it became known, was a UFO event that took place in October 1963 in Argentina, in a rural area in the village of Trancas (province of Tucumán).

On the night of 21 October in Trancas, Argentina, two sisters (Argentina and Jolié) were getting ready to go to sleep early, as there was a power cut.

The maid (Dora) called them over and said she saw strange lights outside.

The three of them ventured out and went to the street, saw a flying saucer and a tunnel of green light coming down from it.

They approached, they could see "windows" on that flying saucer. A kind of fog began to descend from inside the disk, that fog due to the light of the flying saucer was also greenish.

Jolié came closer and put her hand in that green light, she was hot but she felt no pain or burning skin.

Shortly afterwards, the ship turned orange, and there seemed to be other spheres of light rotating inside.

Flames seemed to come out of the ship, they got scared and ran away.

The ship did not follow them, but it seemed to be flying over "probing" the agricultural land.

A strange detail, the dogs on this farm, did not bark, neither chickens nor other animals made a noise.

There were more witnesses in that location.

A neighbor Francisco Tropiano said he saw strange lights at 10 pm.

A doctor who drove René Vera that night, claims that the car stopped working. He then went on foot to the hospital,

he says he saw at least 50 strange lights in the sky flying at low altitude towards East, leaving a sulfur smell in the air.

Researchers the next day found a strange white granular powder on the ground, analyzes found that it was neither sand nor dust from that land, it did not have the same organic constitution.

It was composed of 96.48% calcium carbonate and 3.51% potassium, which could have been generated after a strong exothermic reaction. There was also an 8 meter diameter mark on the floor.

This case inspired Steven Spielberg to produce the film "Immediate encounters of the third degree".

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