UFO sphere at Canary islands: 1976


An extraordinary case occurred in 1976 in the Canary Islands, several witnesses saw a very luminous sphere in the sky (three times as wide as the moon), including there is a photograph.

The photograph was taken by a tourist in Maspalomas, south of Gran Canaria (one of the Spanish islands in northwest Africa).

The most skeptical cannot argue that it was a missile launch (at that time it was not common) or a drone (since there were no drones at that time).

On the night of June 22, 1976 (around 10:15 pm), several hundred witnesses and in different locations saw a flash in the sky, the phenomenon lasted 40 minutes.

Among the witnesses there were not only civilians, but military as well.

Through the photographs we can notice a huge flash, note that at the time there were no digital cameras, the rollers with negative were very sensitive to light, in the pictures we can only see a flash.

Witnesses say that inside the flying sphere, they could see two figures (figures) two beings inside.

Several witnesses who were on a Spanish navy "Atrevida" corvette on the south coast of Fuerteventura, spotted the object.

The captain, whose testimony appears in file 760622 declassified by the Air Force in June 1994, expressed himself as follows:

At 9:27 pm (10:27 pm local time) on June 22, a luminous spot, of an intense yellow-blue color, was seen for the first time, leaving the ground and rising in height towards our position ... Once, the height (15º-18º) remained immobile, rotating its luminous projection, revealing the source's focus. It remained like this for approximately two minutes, creating a great halo of intense yellow-blue light, which remained in the same position for forty minutes, even after the disappearance of the phenomenon that gave rise to it.

After two minutes the focus was divided, leaving a smaller part below, in the center of the luminous circle, forming a bluish cloud and the fraction that gave rise to this bluish nucleus disappeared. The superior assumed a spiral height quickly and irregularly, disappearing afterwards. All these movements did not affect the initial circular halo, which was always in the same conditions, illuminating part of the land and sea, which suggests that it was not a distant object, but a nearby one.

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