Carlos Diaz, one of the most Impressive UFO Cases


carlos diaz UFO

One morning in January 1981, Mexican photographer Carlos Diaz stopped at a deserted parking lot in Ajusco Park, near Mexico City. He was working for a magazine and arranged to meet a journalist who was yet to arrive.

Diaz was sitting in the car, preparing his camera for the job ahead of him. Although it was early in the morning, the air was thick with moisture that made it uncomfortable even to sit still. Impatient, Diaz started looking at his watch.

Suddenly, his attention was attracted by a strange yellow glow coming from the valley below him. At first he thought it was a forest fire, but a moment later the light source turned out to be a large orange and oval UFO, hovering slowly about 30 meters from his car.

Unable to believe his own eyes, Diaz quickly grabbed the camera. With him on the steering wheel, he began to shoot frantically. Then, without warning, the whole car started to shake violently.

Diaz got out of the vehicle and took two more pictures before the ship flew vertically into the sky, leaving Diaz in shock. This meeting marked the beginning of what would become one of the most fascinating and ancient cases of contacts in the history of Ufology.

While wandering through the vegetation, Diaz was again alerted to the presence of a UFO by an orange glow, which he could only see vaguely through the fog and rain that had saturated the forest in Ajusco Park. By climbing the valley walls, he was able to position himself 45 meters from the object. 

Diaz watched the UFO hover above him, emitting bright orange light.

It was, he said, dome-shaped with a smooth ring in the center. This one, Diaz said, was covered with a series of half spheres, each about a meter in diameter. Crouching behind some rocks, Diaz thought his actions went unnoticed, but as he continued to watch the UFO, he felt someone grab his shoulder from behind.

Diaz passed out immediately, and when he woke up, it was dark and the UFO was gone. He was shocked to discover that, despite the heavy rain, his clothes were completely dry. At that point, he knew that something strange had happened to him. When he got back to the car, Diaz noticed another car parked in front of him.

At that point, Diaz said, a fair-haired humanoid entity approached him and told him that if he wanted to know more about what he had just experienced, he should return to the same place at noon the next day. Apparently, when Diaz returned the next day, he discovered the same entity sitting on the grass.

Diaz stated that the being then turned to him and explained that it was he who grabbed his shoulder the day before. Before leaving, the being also told Diaz that he had come from inside the spaceship and that Diaz would gradually recover his memory of what had happened while he was unconscious. Certainly, in the coming months, Diaz's memory came back, piece by piece.

According to his account, he recalled that the ship hovered directly over his head. When trying to touch the UFO, his hand seemed to pass through the yellow light and he seemed to merge with it. The next thing he remembered was seeing the UFO parked on a platform inside a giant cave.

Diaz was amazed when he remembered what he had seen inside: 

"It was full of stalagmites, some of which were sculpted in what looked like Mayan sculptures," he said.

"I saw many people in the cave, some of whom waved at me and, in shock, I waved back."

Apparently, the being that Diaz found in the park took him to a smaller cave that contained seven shiny orb-shaped eggs, one of which Diaz was invited into. Upon entering, Diaz initially saw only the yellow light.

But then he found himself surrounded by the image of a forest.

"I could see all the details of the forest as if I were walking through it," said Diaz. I couldn't touch anything, but I could feel the temperature and humidity. "I could see and experience everything, but it wasn't physically there."

His guide then told him that the orbs were also a system for storing information and that certain data was transmitted to him. Diaz was then returned to the park.


According to Diaz, this was only the first in a series of contacts with the same beings, which continued afterwards. Since 1981, Diaz has stated that his experience inside orbits has allowed him to "travel" to different regions of the Earth's ecosystem - forest, desert, jungle, coast and even areas of the Arctic - with his extraterrestrial contact.

Through this contact, Diaz claims to have been imbued with the awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and the need to preserve our environment.

For many ufologists, especially those who have had their "fingers burned" by allegedly contacted earlier, these claims may seem far-fetched. However, Diaz is seen by many researchers as a highly reliable source, not just because of the strong body of photographic evidence he has gathered to support his claims.

Ufologists from around the world say the photographs are among the most impressive and original in Ufology.

Jaime Maussan, a Mexican ufologist, took the photos to Jim Dilettoso, an image processing expert at Village Labs in Tucson, Arizona, who concluded that they were genuine. After making sure he was not dealing with a scammer, Maussan visited Diaz at his home in Tepoztlan, Mexico. There, he spoke to several other witnesses who claimed to have seen exactly the same type of UFO.

The apparent credibility of Diaz's case also attracted UFO researchers from further afield, who tried to gather insights into the alien agenda of Diaz's contact allegations. German author Michael Hesemann, who interviewed Diaz for the first time in June 1994, is convinced of the credibility of his story.

The expert analysis of Carlos Diaz's UFO photos was extremely thorough. Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan gave Professor Victor Quesada of the Polytechnic Institute of the University of Mexico the original negatives for examination.

Quesada said: 

‘We were shocked to discover that the light spectrum of the object was unlike anything we’ve seen, it broke all the previous parameters and didn’t correspond to anything in our databases. The light was extraordinarily intense. There was no evidence of overlap or fraud. We estimate that the object is about 30 to 50 meters in diameter. "Interestingly, the photos were also analyzed by Dr. Robert Nathan at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. 

Nathan, a notorious UFO skeptic, said he couldn't find any evidence of a scam.

Certainly, for many who have examined the three images, the first photo is the most impressive. In it, the bright orange UFO can be seen through the car's windshield, and the object's light is reflected both on the car's hood and on the metal protective grille beside the road. These, in particular, are details that experts say are extremely difficult to falsify.

There is also a video of this UFO.

Note that, at the time, there were no photoshop or video editing software as they exist today, to falsify this type of UFOs.

Sílvio Guerrinha

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